A Brief Look at Wisdom Tooth Trouble

By their early 20’s, most people will have developed, or begun to develop, their third set of molars—commonly known as wisdom teeth. For some patients, the arrival of four extra molars is nothing to worry about. But for many others, it signals the beginning of what could become progressively worse complications with their oral health. A brief look at wisdom teeth and the trouble they cause shows that the extra molars are frequently problematic, becoming impacted by nearby second molars and leading to increasingly worse discomfort. Therefore, the most common course of action is to extract wisdom teeth, either because they’ve become impacted, or before they have a chance to.

Are Your Wisdom Teeth Giving You Trouble?

Wisdom teeth aren’t like your other teeth. As the last set of molars (or third molars) to develop and erupt, wisdom teeth are often problematic due to their tendency to become impacted by your second molars. This impaction can lead to a host of subsequent dental issues, like severe toothaches and traumatic injury to one or more of your teeth. If your wisdom teeth are giving you trouble, then it’s time to have them extracted. If you’re not sure if your wisdom teeth are problematic, then beware of other signs that might help warn you of danger.