We are a dental preferred provider, PPO dentist and in-network dentist with MetLife Dental Insurance Company

Looking for information on your MetLife Dental PPO coverage? The easiest way to know more about your insurance is to call Sunnyvale Dental Care and ask all the questions you might have about copayments, deductibles, annual maximums, coverage restrictions, and limitations. MetLife PPO Dental benefit plans help you and your family maintains an excellent oral health and reduces your out-of-pocket expenses.
Always keep in mind your needs and preferences while choosing the dental insurance plan. Some patients with a severe dental problem might need more extensive treatments and many dental visits, whereas others may only need a routine check-up and cleaning every six months. Once you choose the dental insurance plan, you just pay premiums, co-pays, and deductibles; your insurance provider pays rest. It also helps you save a lot on various dental services by seeing an in-network dentist.
What do you need to know about full-coverage dental insurance?
“Full coverage” may have different meanings for different people and insurance companies. Some people think “full coverage” is a complete coverage for all their dental needs. In reality, there is no such thing as “full coverage,” most insurance companies have deductible and copayments that are paid by the policy holder. With MetLife PPO, you get so many options to choose from because all dental plans are designed to serve various types of dental needs.
At Sunnyvale Dental Care, especially if you are visiting our dental office for the first time, we understand you are not an expert in dental insurance coverage and plans. Patients often don’t understand the exact details like coverage, maximums, deductibles, and limitations specified by their insurance plan. We help you navigate your path to understand your coverage and payments. We will also file your dental claims on your behalf. If you need further treatment, we will provide you an estimated treatment plan at your first visit, so you can make a decision before starting any dental procedure.
When you choose a dentist who is a preferred provider for MetLife PPO Dental Insurance, like Dr. Antonious at Sunnyvale Dental Care, you get maximum benefits out of your insurance coverage. MetLife PPO Sunnyvale dentist, Dr. Antonious offers discounted fees to MetLife dental insurance policy owners, which is an advantage even if you need a basic or more complicated treatment. After you pay all your deductible, we get reimbursements on a negotiated fee schedule that applies only to PPO dentists.
The negotiated fees cost at least 20-30% less than usual dental treatment fees. Choose a PPO dentist to get all of the benefits mentioned above and save on your oral health expenses.
Our insurance consultant is very diligent when handling your personal information; we keep your confidential information secure. To look into your coverage and insurance plan we require a few details, once we have it, we work on your treatment plan, and nobody can access the information apart from you and your dentist. We are also happy to answer your questions or doubts that help you understand all about your insurance coverage. As you decide to go ahead with the treatment, we handle all claim filling and follow-up requests on your behalf.

Don’t wait anymore if you are not clear about your dental coverage and benefits. Feel free to call Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Antonious’s office and speak to our insurance coordinator at (408) 720-0900 or know more about your MetLife PPO dental insurance coverage. You can also email us for more information or any questions you might have.

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