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Category: Dental Implants

Maxillary Sinus Lift

The maxillary sinuses are behind your cheeks and on top of the upper teeth. Sinuses are like empty rooms that have nothing in them. Some of the roots of the natural upper teeth extend up into the maxillary sinuses. When these upper teeth are removed, there is often just a thin wall of bone separating […]
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Failed Dental Implants- Causes and Treatments

Dental Implant Failures: Cause and Effect Factors Dental Implants represent the ideal in tooth replacement dentistry and are considered to be the Gold Standard of treatment. No other technology currently exists that approaches the efficiency and accuracy of an implanted tooth. Characteristics of the artificial root form structure are similar to what Mother Nature provides. […]
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Bone Grafts For Implants

Before dental implant surgery, bone grafting is sometimes necessary to supplement the bone mass of the patient’s jaw so that the implants can be anchored firmly.  Sunnyvale Implant Dentist Dr. Gupta is committed to doing everything necessary to ensure the success of every dental implant procedure. That means bone grafting will be performed, if required, to […]
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Full Mouth Implants

Benefits of a Fixed Bridge on Implants When all teeth are missing or in such condition 1that they need to be replaced, a fixed bridge anchored to dental implants is the best permanent solution. Before dental implants, there were no fixed solution available for people who lost all their teeth.  Today, it is possible to […]
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Implant Dentistry: Single Tooth Implants

Single tooth implants are an excellent way to replace a single missing tooth at Sunnyvale Dental Care Office. Because implants act as an artificial root for a false tooth, they function almost exactly like a natural tooth. The most common type of dental implants are the root-form titanium implants. It is very important to replace […]
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