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We are a dental preferred provider, PPO dentist and in-network dentist with DenteMax Dental Insurance Company

Your search for a DenteMax PPO service provider is over! Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Gupta is a preferred provider dentist for DenteMax PPO insurance company and many others. He is known for his considerate services while providing the full range of quality dental care for all ages under one roof. Sunnyvale Dental Care accepts Dentemax PPO dental insurance for all kinds of insurance plans and packages including individual and employer programs. Sunnyvale Dental Care patients continue to come from different age groups and backgrounds because of our trusted dental expertise and affordable costs. DenteMax PPO patients are an integral part of our 22 years long dental practice in the Bay Area.

New patients often hesitate before booking their first dental appointment at a dental office due to numerous reasons, one of the most common being inadequate insurance assistance. It can be overwhelming for somebody who didn’t use his dental insurance before or to someone who just switched his/her insurance company. We are proud to be a trusted source for your complete dental care needs along with all-inclusive insurance assistance. Instead of waiting and hours of internet searching, call us and get comprehensive insurance assistance quickly.

Why choose us?

Do you save more by seeing an in-network Sunnyvale dentist? Yes, definitely! It lets you save up to 20% on our regular office fees. Although this should not be the only factor to consider while choosing the dentist, if you plan on getting some reliable and affordable dental care with a provider who understands your insurance coverage, it is good to go with an in-network dentist. Also, all in-network dentists, like Dr. Gupta at Sunnyvale Dental Care, go through a comprehensive credentialing process at the time of initial enrollment and at the time of contract renewals that happen every few years. This ensures all in-network dental offices maintain high-quality standards and provide genuine dental care services. It helps all DenteMax PPO insurance holders to trust the in-network dentist without any second thoughts and assured of the kind of dental treatment they are choosing for themselves and their family.

DenteMax Discount Dental Plan

Join the DenteMax dental savings plan provides access to a vast network of dental providers including over 60,000 participating general dentists and specialists. The discount dental plan comes with significant savings and average discounts that range something from 10-30% when seeing a participating dentist. Sunnyvale Dental Care Insurance coordinator does all DenteMax Insurance processing and claim follow up for our patients.

Ask Sunnyvale Dental Care insurance coordinator about your DenteMax PPO insurance coverage, benefits, inclusions, copayments, and limitations. She will be happy to address your questions at our office number (408) 720-0900 or Toll-free number (877) 9DENTAL.

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