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Ameritas Preferred PPO Dentist in Sunnyvale CA

Ameritas Preferred PPO Dentist in Sunnyvale CA

We are a dental preferred provider, PPO dentist and in-network dentist with Ameritas Dental Insurance Company

Sunnyvale Dental Care is a preferred provider for Ameritas Dental insurance for a long time serving patients in Sunnyvale and surrounding areas for basic, preventive and major dental services. We work with many insurance companies, but Ameritas PPO dental insurance is one of the best regarding insurance coverage, maximums and other benefits for the dentist as well as the policy owner.

People trust Ameritas for their astounding insurance plans and programs that cover all type of dental treatments including preventive, basic and major treatments.

Ameritas Dentist Sunnyvale CA

Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Gupta is a seasoned oral health practitioner with a solid practicing career of over two decades. At Sunnyvale Dental Care, our staff is trained to put the patient’s concern and convenience first! We never let you worry about your insurance paperwork and tedious process of getting claim approvals.

As soon as you get in touch with our insurance coordinator and provide the basic required information like your Ameritas PPO group number or name, your insurance ID number, and Date of birth, she will contact Ameritas insurance customer service and get the real picture of your coverage, limitations, exclusions, and benefits.

This information is next used when you need treatment beyond regular cleaning and x-rays, you receive a treatment plan explaining your dental treatment process, duration, costs, insurance coverage and your copayment.

Basic Care services like fillings and root canals may not cost so much because it is usually covered at 80-90%, but if you need a major service like a crown or bridge, the payments will be more since this type of services is covered at 50-80%. With your Ameritas PPO Dental Insurance coverage, it becomes easy to get the treatment that is essential for your dental health.

Ameritas PPO coverage may vary as per the insurance plan; there can be employer and individual bought plans with different coverage and range. Broadly Ameritas PPO dental plans coverage can be categorized as:
  • Preventive care (cleanings, routine x-rays, and more)
  • Basic care (fillings, essential restorative work, root canals, extractions and more)
  • Major services (crowns, bridges, dentures and more)
Sunnyvale Dental Care staff members are cautious when taking your confidential insurance information and keep it safe at all times. The information is not shared with anyone and stays between the patient, the insurance company and our insurance coordinator.

Our expertise lies in utilizing your insurance coverage to the maximum so that you get the most benefits and coverage from your insurance plan and do not have to wait for getting your dental treatment.

Ameritas Dentist Sunnyvale

If the situation is not urgent and time allows, we try to plan the procedure according to your insurance payment cycle to cover all your dental expenses through your Ameritas PPO insurance and reduce your financial burden.

You might be seeing the dentist for the first time, but we see patients from your insurance company every day, this is another reason that makes Sunnyvale Dental Care insurance coordinator a go-to person for all Ameritas PPO related queries.

We take pleasure in being your Sunnyvale Dentist who stands with you to utilize your insurance plan for maximum benefits and coverage. Give us a call at (408) 720-0900 to get answers to your Ameritas PPO insurance policy related questions.

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