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Guardian Preferred PPO Dentist in Sunnyvale

Guardian Preferred PPO Dentist in Sunnyvale
Are you looking for a dental office that accepts Guardian Dental Insurance in Sunnyvale, CA?

Sunnyvale Dental Care, we are a dental preferred provider, PPO dentist, and in-network dentist with Guardian Dental Insurance Company. We are committed to delivering outstanding treatment while ensuring you make the most of the benefits offered by your esteemed insurance coverage.

Importance of Being a Guardian Preferred PPO Dentist

Our distinction as a Guardian Preferred PPO Dentist underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in dental care. This prestigious affiliation signifies that we exceed Guardian’s stringent quality benchmarks, highlighting our consistent record of providing exceptional service to our valued patients.

Benefits of Choosing a Guardian Preferred PPO Dentist

Affordable Excellence

As a part of Guardian’s Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Sunnyvale Dental Care offers you dental treatments that are not only high-quality but also cost-effective. Our services are provided at predetermined rates, potentially reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

Comprehensive Care

Our practice is fully equipped to address a comprehensive range of dental needs within the Guardian PPO network. From routine preventive care to specialized treatments, our skilled dental team caters to every aspect of your oral health.

Insurance Expertise

Navigating dental insurance can be intricate, but as a Guardian Preferred PPO Dentist, we are well-versed in insurance matters. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the specifics of your coverage, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Quality Assurance

Guardian’s Preferred PPO Dentist network places a premium on delivering quality care and ensuring patient satisfaction. By selecting Sunnyvale Dental Care, you are choosing a dental provider that consistently upholds Guardian’s rigorous standards.

Why Opt for Sunnyvale Dental Care for Your Guardian Preferred PPO Dental Needs?

Unmatched Expertise

Our dental professionals bring extensive experience and expertise in a wide array of dental treatments. You can trust us to provide exemplary care prioritizing your oral health and overall well-being.

Cutting-Edge Facility

Sunnyvale Dental Care offers a contemporary, comfortable environment with state-of-the-art dental technologies. We blend advanced techniques with a soothing ambiance to ensure your dental experience is compelling and stress-free.

Personalized Attention

Your dental needs are as unique as you are, and our approach reflects that understanding. We customize our treatments to address your specific requirements, ensuring you receive the individualized care necessary for a healthy, radiant smile.

Convenient Accessibility

Our practice’s convenient location in Sunnyvale, California, makes accessing high-quality dental care a breeze. We are dedicated to serving you and providing the exceptional service you deserve as a Guardian Preferred PPO Dentist.

Advantages of having Guardian PPO Insurance Plan

  • Access to Guardian’s dental guard preferred network
  • More than 114,000 dentists
  • 319,000 locations nationwide
  • Choice of pre-screened and in-network dentists
  • Discounts averaging 32% off the regular rate
  • Maximum rollover of unused benefits
  • Preventive advantage
  • Covers the full range of dental service
  • Generous discounts on Xylitol products, which is a product line of a cavity preventing chewing gum.

Guardian Dental Insurance

Guardian Dental PPO insurance makes it easy to avail comprehensive dental coverage at a great value and access to a vast national network. Guardian PPO insurance has one of the most convenient plans with the appropriate coverage.

When buying insurance, it is essential to choose a plan as per your dental health requirements or the frequency of your dental visits. Look for copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance. If you visit your dentist too often because you need some extensive treatments, consider the amount of copayment you will require to pay for each dental visit.

Usually, most insurance plans cover preventive, basic, and major dental treatments. Mostly all Guardian PPO insurance plans cover preventive services at 100%. For basic and major dental treatments patients may need to bear the copayment, which comes to roughly around 20-50% of the dental treatment costs.

Guardian Insurance offers both traditional and PPO plans for dental patients. If you want to save more with a PPO plan, go to an in-network dentist like Dr. Gupta and make the most of your dental coverage. At Sunnyvale dental care, if you require dental treatment, we take your insurance information and prepare a treatment plan as per your insurance plan to maximize your coverage and help you utilize the maximum benefits of your insurance plan.

Our insurance coordinator is well-versed with all Guardian insurance plans and their benefits under various circumstances. We are more than happy to review your insurance coverage anytime with you!

Have more questions about your Guardian insurance PPO coverage and benefits?

You can reach out to Sunnyvale Dental Care by calling our office number (408) 720-0900 to talk to our insurance coordinator.

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