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Category: Dentures

Getting Used to Wearing Dentures

What to Expect When You Start Wearing Dentures It takes time to get accustomed to your new dentures. It may be 4-8 weeks before you are completely used to them. They may seem very bulky at first and feel as if they are pushing your lips out, but this is perfectly normal and the feeling […]
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Advice For Apprehensive Denture Patients

Your Denture assessment Visiting a Dentist for your new dentures can be a daunting or embarrassing prospect for some patients. That often leads to patients putting off replacing their dentures until either the denture eventually breaks or another dental problem arises that requires professional help. One of the common concerns is having dentures made that […]
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Taking Care Of Your Dentures

Introduction Any new dental appliance to the mouth needs to be given the same care as you would give real teeth, and this is no different if you choose to have dentures. If dentures are properly taken care off then they will last much longer than if they were not. Essential actions to keep your […]
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Implant Retained Dentures

What are Implants? An implant is a thin titanium rod that is inserted into your jawbone in place of a missing tooth root. It is used as a secure fixed base for dentures. Over time the implant integrates with the bone tissue in your jaw and functions just like a natural tooth root. You must […]
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What Are Immediate Dentures

Immediate full or partial dentures are made when teeth are extracted on the same day that the finished dentures are inserted. Immediate dentures are different from regular dentures in that the final impressions are made before some or all of the teeth that are to be removed are extracted. Traditionally, fabricated dentures are constructed to […]
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Partial Dentures

What are Partial Dentures? Partial dentures are used to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. They can be made entirely from plastic, or from a mixture of plastic and metal. They are attached to your remaining natural teeth gap with metal clasps or ‘precision attachments,’ which are much more discreet than metal clasps. […]
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