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Getting Used to Wearing Dentures

Getting Used to Wearing Dentures

What to Expect When You Start Wearing Dentures

It takes time to get accustomed to your new dentures. It may be 4-8 weeks before you are completely used to them. They may seem very bulky at first and feel as if they are pushing your lips out, but this is perfectly normal and the feeling will subside over time. You will probably salivate a lot more when you first start wearing dentures. This is a natural bodily response to something being placed in your mouth and it takes a little while for your brain to get used to the presence of dentures. Sipping water will reduce the build up of saliva in your mouth because it thins the saliva down. It is important to remove your dentures at night because your gums need to be exposed to your saliva in order to remain healthy.

Comfort and Fit

Your new dentures may need to be adjusted slightly after they are fitted. If they are a little bit loose they can rub against the inside of your mouth and cause sores or ulcers. If the fit doesn’t feel quite right and is causing you discomfort, you should go back to the dentist immediately. Although you are supposed to remove them at night, the dentist may advise you to wear them constantly for the first couple of days so that you will get used to them more quickly and be able to determine whether or not they need to be adjusted slightly.


Eating is always problematic when you start wearing dentures and it takes a while before you can start eating normally. For the first few days you should definitely avoid hard, crunchy and sticky foods, such as raw vegetables and meat. You should stick to soft foods that are easy to chew, eat slowly and cut food up into small pieces. Although we have a natural tendency to favor one side of the mouth when we chew, try to use both sides, as this helps to stop the dentures being pulled out of position. Also try to avoid tearing or cutting into food with your front teeth.


Wearing dentures will initially affect your speech, but it may not be as noticeable to other people as you think. Your tongue, lips and cheeks need to adjust to having dentures in your mouth. Practice pronouncing words and reading aloud for the first few days until you have got more used to the dentures.

Taking Care of Your Dentures

It is important to clean your dentures every day to prevent the build up of stains and maintain good oral hygiene. Most of the problems that dentures wearers encounter are due to not taking care of them properly. They should be cleaned with a soft bristled brush after removing them at night and again before you put them back in the next day. Avoid cleaning them with toothpaste because it is too abrasive and may damage the surface of the dentures. They should be soaked in cold water overnight and you can add cleaning tablets if you wish to help remove stains. Dentures shouldn’t be left to dry out for too long or put in hot water, as they may become warped. You must also remember to brush your tongue, gums and the roof of your mouth every day to keep your mouth healthy.

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