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Your Dentist’s Advice for Toothaches

Your Dentist’s Advice for Toothaches

During your regular dental checkup and cleaning appointments, you might not always remember all of the questions you have for your dentist. Unless you have a toothache, in which case your first questions may be why you have one and how to relieve it.

Because toothaches can be caused by a wide variety of issues, your dentist will first carefully examine your tooth and dental health to determine what’s causing it.

Then, your dentist can help you develop a treatment plan and hygiene habits at home to alleviate it. It’s important to follow your dentist’s advice for dealing with your toothache; otherwise, the pain and threat to your dental health will grow worse.

Take it serious, even if it’s minor.

One of the biggest mistakes that people with toothaches make is to ignore their condition, especially when the discomfort is minor. Like most dental issues that lead to tooth pain, a toothache is progressive; the longer it’s left untreated, the more severe it will become. If you don’t take your toothache serious at first, then you might need more extensive dental treatment to alleviate it by the time you do visit your dentist.

Be sure to brush and floss every day.

Brushing your teeth at least twice and flossing at least once every day is the best way to prevent common chronic issues, such as cavities, that are often the cause of toothaches. Flossing will also remove particles and debris that can stick between your teeth, making them more sensitive.

Get plenty of calcium.

When your teeth are healthy, they’re surrounded by a highly mineralized protective layer of enamel. Healthy enamel prevents oral bacteria and food particles from irritating and infecting your tooth’s main structure, known as dentin, but grows weak when attacked by harmful bacteria in plaque. Since enamel is made almost entirely of calcium, be sure to get enough of the mineral in your diet to ensure that your teeth are well protected.

If you experience a toothache, then visit your dentist as soon as possible, and be sure to heed his professional advice for dealing with your toothache!

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