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Why Dental Crowns Are Still Popular

Why Dental Crowns Are Still Popular

A dental crown, or cap, can be recommended for a variety of reasons, from restoring a damaged tooth to improving a tooth’s outward appearance. Given their popularity, you may be surprised that crowns have been around for much of dentistry’s history.

Having stood the test of time, modern dental crowns are still popular because they offer an effective, long-lasting, and highly realistic solution for a number of different cosmetic concerns. If you have a weakened, damaged, or cosmetically blemished tooth, then you might benefit from a custom crown, too.

They protect teeth for life.

Dental crowns are designed to fit completely over a tooth, and one of their most common uses is to protect teeth that have been weakened by decay or structural damage. To protect the tooth from injury, the dental crown absorbs the pressure of your bite while maintaining your bite’s proper balance, which also helps prevent further dental complications.

They look highly realistic.

Many of today’s dental crowns are crafted from highly realistic dental porcelain, which not only mimics your tooth’s natural color, but also its ability to reflect light. Dental porcelain is semi-translucent, like your tooth enamel, and is layered to match the way your tooth enamel shines for a more natural and realistic appearance.

They can replace lost teeth.

Now that dental implants have become a routine part of prosthetic dentistry, dental crowns have taken a new role in smile restoration as a lifelike tooth replacement. If you lose a tooth or have one extracted, your dentist can replace it with a dental implant-supported crown.

The implant is inserted into the jawbone in place of the lost root, then your dentist can secure your lifelike crown to the implant post, creating a root-and-crown replica of your lost tooth.

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Dental crowns have remained popular throughout much of dentistry’s history because of the many cosmetic and restorative advantages. Improve your smile with a custom crown today Call Sunnyvale Dental Care today at (408) 720-0900..

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