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What Is Composite Dental Resin Used For?

What Is Composite Dental Resin Used For?

In the world of dental materials, excellence is measured in how well the material interacts with your teeth as well as how lifelike it looks compared to the rest of your smile.

Tooth-colored composite resin—a biocompatible mixture of acrylic and quart-like particles—excels in both areas, and is often utilized for a variety of procedures. Whether you need a cosmetic touchup or a restoration that minimizes alterations to your teeth, ask your dentist if using composite resin is the best solution.

Fixing Minor Damage

A chipped or worn edge can leave a tooth susceptible to increasingly more damage, but when the injury is minor, a dental crown may not be the most appropriate option. Instead of modifying your whole tooth to accept a crown, your dentist can rebuild the worn or damaged structure using tooth-colored composite the resin.

Your dentist will apply the resin to the area, sculpt it to the ideal size and contour, and then harden and polish the resin for a durable, lifelike finish.

Improving Minor Blemishes

When teeth stains or surface blemishes don’t respond to more conservative treatment, like teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding can offer a quick and effective alternative. The resin is tinted to match your tooth’s healthy, natural color, and when applied to a stained or blemished tooth, it can restore the tooth’s healthy, blemish-free appearance.

Treating Cavities

One of the more popular uses for composite resin is to create tooth-colored fillings that treat cavities better and more discreetly than metal fillings. Your dentist will apply the resin after thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the cavity, bonding the material to your tooth’s structure to create a highly effective seal against oral bacteria. Because the resin blends in with your tooth, it remains virtually invisible even when you smile and speak.

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