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What Dental Cleanings Help You Prevent

What Dental Cleanings Help You Prevent

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once are among the most important parts of a good hygiene routine. However, so are regular dental checkups and cleanings, which many people don’t attend as often as they should.

The goal of a dental cleaning is to remove the plaque and tartar (calcified plaque) that linger on your teeth and along your gum line. When done on a regular basis, dental cleanings help you prevent a variety of serious dental issues that could prove harmful if allowed to develop.

Chronic Bad Breath

Occasional bad breath is common, especially in the mornings or after an especially pungent meal. But when it doesn’t go away, bad breath can indicate poor dental hygiene or the presence of tooth decay or gum disease. Cleaning away harmful oral bacteria, which are a main contributor to bad breath, can help you prevent embarrassing halitosis.

Tooth Decay (Cavities)

Tooth decay is also caused by excessive oral bacteria, and involves an infection in your tooth’s structure. As decay spreads, it causes the cavity, or hole in your tooth, to grow, and the presence of tooth infection will continue to threaten your dental health.

Dental cleanings remove excessive oral bacteria before they can infect your tooth, and allow your dentist to search for signs of early decay to treat it before it becomes extensive.

Gum Disease

When oral bacteria gather along your gum line, they can eventually lead to gingivitis (gum infection) and excessive inflammation. Before long, gingivitis will progress into gum disease, which cannot be reversed and can lead to tooth loss if not maintained.

Before it develops, you can prevent gingivitis by maintaining a schedule of professional dental cleanings, where your hygienist will be sure to clear plaque and tartar from your gum line.

Prevent Dental Issues by Scheduling a Cleaning

Regular dental cleanings are necessary to prevent serious dental issues that could require more extensive and invasive restorative treatment. To schedule your next cleaning appointment, Call Sunnyvale Dental Care today at (408) 720-0900.

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