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Types of Dental Crowns for Children

Types of Dental Crowns for Children

crowns on baby teeth necessary

Aesthetic Composite Crown

When a front tooth is fractured or badly decayed, it may be restored with an aesthetic crown by Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Gupta. An aesthetic crown closely matches the natural color of the other teeth. Advances in dental materials have created tooth-colored plastic crowns, which can be directly bonded to the tooth. These techniques require more time and skill in addition to the full cooperation of the child.

Because these crowns are not as durable as metal, they require more care by the child.

  • Regular cleaning is needed to maintain their appearance and prevent gum irritation.
  • Avoid sticky or hard foods such as taffy, beef jerky, hard candy, carrots, apples and nuts.
  • You may cut up harder foods into bite sizes and have your child use the back teeth to chew them.
  • Avoid chewing on hard toys, nail biting or clothes fasteners (like zippers)

These composite plastic crowns can fracture or become dislodged when accidents or improper eating occurs. The child may wear through these crowns over a period of time, and they may require further repair or replacement at Sunnyvale Dental Clinic.

Stainless Steel Crown

When decay has destroyed a tooth to the extent that there is little support for a filling or a nerve treatment has to be performed, it is best to cover the tooth with a crown. This will prevent the tooth from being fractured. After removal of all of the decay, a stainless steel crown is used to restore back teeth and occasionally front teeth where plastic is not easily retained.

To avoid the cost and time of replacement, please avoid sticky foods such as hard candy, caramel and taffy.

The crowned tooth will usually fall out normally when the permanent tooth is ready to come in.

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