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True or False: A Quiz About Teeth Whitening

True or False: A Quiz About Teeth Whitening

For some people, it may happen sooner than for others, but eventually, most people will have to deal with teeth stains at some point in their lives. The good news is that teeth stains are not typically an emergency, and in many cases, it can be reversed with a quick and safe professional teeth whitening treatment! If you’re unhappy with the color your teeth have become, then learn more about teeth whitening and how it can dramatically improve your smile’s appearance with a brief true or false quiz!

1. Whitening makes your teeth hurt.

False: Teeth whitening involves the application of a potent but safe peroxide-based bleaching agent. The gel gently breaks up stains on your tooth enamel and gradually brightens the tooth layers underneath it. Immediately after the treatment, you may feel some slight sensitivity, but when done professionally, teeth whitening should not make your teeth hurt.

2. Professional teeth whitening is better than OTC products.

True: Over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening products are popular mainly for their convenience. Applying the treatment at home can help you avoid having to take time off work for multiple visits to your dentist’s office. However, these products are highly diluted and produce significantly less satisfactory results, which can cause patients to overuse the product and unwittingly damage their tooth enamel.

3. Professional teeth whitening is guaranteed to work!

True: Another benefit of professional teeth whitening is that your dentist has a chance to inspect your teeth stains to make sure whitening will work before applying the treatment. For instance, teeth stains that occur underneath your tooth enamel (called intrinsic stains) cannot be erased with teeth whitening, and your dentist would recommend a more appropriate treatment, such as porcelain veneers.

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