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True Facts About Tooth Fillings

True Facts About Tooth Fillings

Cavities affect over 90% of adults in the United States, and tooth fillings are a highly effective method for treating them. While fillings have been around for centuries, today’s restorations offer more restorative and cosmetic benefits than ever before.

Made from tooth-colored composite resin, modern fillings are designed to blend in with and adhere to your natural tooth structure better than traditional materials, like metal. Because of this fact, modern fillings have now become one of the most popular dental treatments.

About Dental Fillings

A cavity is a hole in your tooth, which is caused the formation of tooth decay (a bacterial infection in your tooth). The point of a filling is to fill the cavity and restore your tooth’s strength after your dentist has cleared away the oral bacteria and infected tooth structure.

The importance of treating cavities has been a well-known fact for centuries. Primitive filling materials have included beeswax and more, though more recently, metal amalgam has been the go-to material of choice.

One of the drawbacks of metal fillings is that they can change shape over time, which can leave space for oral bacteria to reinfect the tooth. Metal fillings can also expand and damage to the tooth structure that encases them. For patients who have metal allergies, a metal filling may not even be a possible a solution for treating their cavities.

Discretion is a significant benefit of tooth-colored fillings, but more importantly, composite resin retains its shape over the years, contrary to metal fillings. The resin can also be more securely bonded to your tooth’s structure to ensure that oral bacteria cannot reach the sensitive parts of your tooth.

Learn More About Tooth Fillings

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