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The Benefits of a Dental Implant and Crown

The Benefits of a Dental Implant and Crown

When you lose a tooth, your most immediate concern may be how your smile looks with a tooth missing from it. However, there are many more concerns involving the long-term health and integrity of your smile, such as how well your bite will function and how the loss of the root affects your jawbone.

Because of these concerns, your dentist may recommend replacing your lost tooth with a dental implant and crown, which benefits your smile and long-term oral health more than a dental bridge can.

Implant Crown vs. Dental Bridge for Single Tooth Loss

Traditionally, replacing a lost tooth has been the duty of a custom-made dental bridge, which consists of a replacement tooth supported by dental crowns that are bonded to nearby healthy teeth. A bridge is effective and can be crafted to blend in seamlessly with your smile, but it requires modifying healthy tooth structure that could make those teeth weak.

By contrast, a dental implant and crown stand alone and don’t require modifying your remaining teeth. A dental implant—a small, root-like post—can be inserted into your jawbone where the tooth’s root once rested. As your jawbone heals, it will fuse to the post, which can take 4-6 months (on average).

Then, your dentist can secure an abutment to the post and connect a lifelike dental crown to rest above the gum line, filling the gap in your smile.

Other Benefits of Dental Implants

By mimicking the root-and-crown structure of your natural, healthy teeth, an implant and crown combination offers a number of benefits over a traditional bridge, including:

  • Improved support from an anchored implant
  • Maximum preservation of healthy tooth structure
  • Improved jawbone health (the implant post provides vital stimulation)
  • Improved confidence in your smile

Find Out if an Implant and Crown is Right for You

If you’ve lost a tooth, then a dental implant and crown combination may be a better option to replace it than a dental bridge.

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