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Should I Be Worried About Root Canal Treatment?

Should I Be Worried About Root Canal Treatment?

Dealing with a severe toothache is difficult. In fact, a large percentage of people have had to take time off of work or school at least once in their lives because of dental pain. Yet, when people find out that their pain can be alleviated with root canal treatment, some people may hesitate.

As one of the most commonly maligned dental treatments, patients often worry about root canal treatment, especially if they’ve never received it. The truth, though, is that the procedure is much simpler than you might realize, and it may be your best option for relieving discomfort and saving your compromised tooth.

Why Root Canal Treatment is Necessary

Much like a tooth filling, the main point of root canal treatment is to save your tooth from severe damage or loss due to tooth infection. The difference is that only root canal treatment can allow your dentist to reach your tooth’s inner chamber—called the pulp—when the nerves and blood vessels have become infected.

By removing the infection from the pulp and the root canal connected to it, your dentist can stop the infection from spreading through the tooth’s root. The procedure also saves what’s left of your healthy tooth structure so you don’t have to extract and replace it.

What to Expect from the Procedure

One of the biggest misconceptions about root canal treatment is that it is particularly invasive and uncomfortable. However, root canal treatment is a conservative procedure that can often be completed in just a single visit and with minimal disturbance to your surrounding tooth structure and oral tissues.

The addition of local anesthesia and, if necessary, dental sedation, make the procedure even more comfortable. After your treatment, you can enjoy biting, chewing, speaking and smiling with confidence and without severe discomfort!

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