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Is Tooth Extraction Really My Best Option?

Is Tooth Extraction Really My Best Option?

With a consistently good hygiene routine at home and a strict schedule of dental checkups and cleanings, you have an excellent chance of avoiding issues like cavities and gum disease. However, good hygiene isn’t a guarantee, and if an issue does develop, then you should address it as soon as possible to prevent extensive damage to your teeth and oral tissues. In extreme cases when a tooth can’t be saved, tooth extraction may be your best option to remove the danger and restore your smile.

Why is it necessary?

Unlike other restorative dental treatments, tooth extraction is a last resort that your dentist will only recommend when saving your natural tooth isn’t a feasible option. The point of extracting a tooth is to prevent it from causing damage or infection to nearby teeth and oral tissues.

For instance, some of the common reasons for tooth extraction include:

  • A severely infected (decayed) tooth
  • A tooth with extensive damage, especially to its root
  • A tooth that is severely misaligned and interferes with orthodontic treatment
  • A primary tooth that has not fallen out properly and impedes the permanent tooth underneath
  • An impacted wisdom tooth

Should I extract my wisdom teeth?

Impacted wisdom teeth are molars that have become obstructed by nearby molars or the jawbone of a crowded dental ridge. Unlike tooth decay or tooth damage, an impacted wisdom tooth can’t be corrected or restored; it will continue to push against the tooth or jawbone structure that is impeding it, leading to increasingly worse discomfort and dental health concerns.

Extracting an impacted wisdom tooth is the only way to stop it from destroying your other teeth and the balance of your bite.   

Do I need to replace an extracted tooth?

With the exception of wisdom teeth, your dentist may recommend replacing your extracted tooth to preserve your bite’s balance and reduce the risk of further dental issues. If you qualify, then your dentist may recommend a dental implant and crown for optimal results.

A dental implant is a small post that replaces your lost tooth root and supports a lifelike dental crown. While the crown fills in the space in your smile, the implant post fills in the empty socket in your jawbone, providing stimulation that helps keep your jawbone strong and healthy enough to support your remaining teeth.

Ask Your Dentist More About Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is only recommended when necessary, so don’t hesitate or you may be placing your oral health in greater danger. To learn more, schedule an appointment, Call Sunnyvale Dental Care today at (408) 720-0900. We also proudly serve patients from Santa Clara, Cupertino, Mountain View, San Jose, Campbell, Palo Alto, and all surrounding communities.

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