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Is Bad Breath Holding You Back?

Is Bad Breath Holding You Back?

Even if your smile is the most beautiful one in the room, chronic bad breath (halitosis) can hinder your confidence. If you’re aware of it, then you might limit conversations with others and keep a more-than-respectable distance trying to avoid embarrassment. The good news is that bad breath always has a reason, and therefore, a solution. If you can’t get rid of your halitosis by improving your hygiene at home, then schedule a visit with your dentist to find how to finally alleviate it.

What It Means

While bad breath can mean many different things, one of the most common reasons is an excess of oral bacteria buildup, especially on the surface of your tongue. Certain mouth bacteria metabolize nutrients and turn them into a foul-smelling sulfur gas. As more bacteria gather, the smell becomes stronger and harder to dispel. Before long, they may cause tooth decay (infection) or gum disease—both of which can also lead to chronic bad breath.

How to Treat It

For bad breath that results from inadequate hygiene, your dentist can recommend an improved hygiene routine to get oral bacteria under control. If you exhibit an underlying dental issue like a cavity or gum disease, then you may also need an appropriate treatment plan to address the condition. In most cases, however, chronic bad breath and the issues that cause it can be prevented with excellent hygiene at home and a regular schedule of routine dental checkup and cleaning appointments.

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If your bad breath doesn’t seem to want to go away, then don’t let it hinder your confidence any longer. Speak with your dentist about the problem and your possible solutions by scheduling an appointment today.

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