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How Modern Dentures Look

How Modern Dentures Look

Today’s options for replacing lost teeth are more realistic than ever, and as such, they can do more for rebuilding your smile than just revitalizing its appearance. For instance, advanced imaging technology ensures that your dental bridge or denture closely matches the natural contours of your smile for optimal function.

When you bite and chew, your dental prosthetic will feel as comfortable and sturdy as natural teeth. In the case of modern dentures, you can even choose between full or partial models, depending on how many teeth you’ve lost and how many healthy teeth remain.

How They’re Made

The secret to success for today’s dentures is in how they’re made, both in your dentist’s preparation and in the materials used to create your prosthesis. First, your dentist will carefully and thoroughly measure your upper and lower dental ridge, as well as your surrounding facial esthetics, to ensure optimal esthetic and functional results. Then, your denture will be crafted from a lifelike material, such as dental porcelain that can be custom-designed to mimic your unique healthy tooth structure.

What They Do for Your Smile

While their appearance is impressive, the most advantageous thing about modern dentures is how they can drastically improve your quality of life. Without a full set of teeth, eating a healthy diet of natural foods can be difficult, which can lead to nutrient deficiency and resulting dietary and health complications.

Also, the loss of your teeth can cause your jawbone and facial structures to lose their vibrant fullness, adding years to your overall appearance. Dentures can help prevent the long-term consequences of severe or total tooth loss, helping you enjoy your smile and the benefits of a full set of strong, beautiful teeth again.

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