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How Does Tooth Extraction Affect Your Oral Health?

How Does Tooth Extraction Affect Your Oral Health?

The goal of consistently good dental hygiene and care is to preserve your smile, and in most cases, that means keeping your natural teeth strong, healthy, and intact. However, under certain circumstances, the best way to help you protect your smile is to extract a tooth that has become problematic, or that is beyond saving with restorative treatment. The loss of a tooth is not usually ideal, but when necessary, tooth extraction’s effect on your oral health is preferable to the consequences of keeping the tooth in place.

The Purpose Behind Tooth Extraction

If restorative dental treatment, such as a filling or crown, happens to fail, then your dentist can still repair the restoration and save your tooth. If a tooth is extracted, then it’s gone for good, and the only recourse afterward is to replace it. Therefore, your dentist will only suggest tooth extraction when absolutely necessary, such as for:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth (or third molars)
  • Extensive internal tooth infection
  • Damage that is too extensive to repair
  • Fractured or broken tooth roots, which cannot be restored
  • Severely misaligned or malformed teeth

Your Smile After Tooth Extraction

The mere presence of an impacted wisdom tooth can threaten the rest of your dental health. After extracting it, your teeth will no longer be pressured by the erroneous tooth. For most other types of extracted teeth, however, their absence can pose a serious threat to your bite’s balance and the long-term status of your oral health.

After the tooth has been extracted, you should allow your dentist to replace it, preferably with a dental implant and crown that closely mimics your real tooth. The implant, or small titanium post, is inserted into the jawbone to serve as an anchor to hold your lifelike replacement crown in place. 

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