Extreme Smile Makeovers


Self conscious about your smile?
We can help!

Dr. Antonious wants to give you the beautiful smile that you have always wanted and deserved. A smile makeover is not just another term for tooth whitening; a smile makeover employs multiple advanced techniques and procedures to provide you with a dazzling new smile. Only an experienced cosmetic dentist handles smile makeovers.

Unfortunately, aging, poor oral hygiene, genetics, and lifestyles can take their toll on your teeth. Your teeth can become discolored, damaged, decayed, stained, or even lost. A smile makeover is a way to restore your teeth, giving you a life-changing new smile. Do not let yourself suffer self conscious feelings about how you look. Contact your dentist and take the first step to a new smile today.

A smile makeover by Dr Antonious will give you a new smile that you will be proud of. You can only make a first impression once; your smile should be an attractive accent, not a worry.

A beautiful smile in a patient free from headaches, neck and facial pain is reflected not only by the mirror but by their relaxed demeanor and positive outlook on life.

The Dental Face lift
Dental Rejuvenation of the face

The soft tissues of the face are supported by the teeth and hard structures of the head and jaws. The cheeks and lips are suspended from the cheekbones to the lower jaw and should delicately drape in perfect balance. When vertical dimension of the mouth is decreased, the tissues hang incorrectly producing permanent frowns and creases. Correction of vertical dimension using cosmetic dentistry lets the face appear more youthful.

When drapes hang on the wall and onto the floor they will look wrinkled and old, but raising the drapes so they hang just off the floor lets them hang straight and wrinkle free. The choice is yours.


Changing lives with cosmetic dentistry

Many patients actually talk with their hands in front of their mouths or avoid smiling because they are unhappy with their appearance.

It is amazing when we see the patients change as they become relaxed and comfortable in their new smiles.

They often change their hair, their clothes and go with a whole new image.

It is a thrill to see the change that takes place when they feel good about themselves.

At Sunnyvale Dental Care, we want to put “WOW” IN YOUR SMILE

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