San Jose Dental Emergency – Fractured Tooth

Fractures or cracks in a tooth are not always visible, and in some cases may not be seen on a dental x-ray. In these instances the dentist will rely on diagnostic tests and will ask questions about the symptoms to verify whether or not a tooth is fractured. Take note of the circumstances that illicit tooth pain such as eating sweet foods, biting, chewing, and consuming hot or cold beverages, so you can relay this information to your San Jose area dentist.

In other cases when a large portion of a tooth has broken off, the fracture and the need for a dental emergency visit is obvious. A microscopic fracture may slowly grow until this type of break occurs. In many cases, this happens while eating. The pressure of biting may cause the fracture to repeatedly open and close.

In some situations a fracture can be so severe that it splits the root or roots of a tooth or may even cause dental or gum abscess. In this worst case scenario, an extraction is usually necessary. An extraction is also recommended when a fracture occurs in an area that is impossible to restore. When you come in for your dental emergency visit, the San Jose area dentist will let you know if this is the case, as well as inform you of tooth replacement options. For most patients in good dental health, an implant is the best option. Implants very closely resemble and mimic natural teeth. If an implant is not possible, a dental bridge or partial denture may be recommended.

A fracture that extends into the pulp of a tooth may require root canal therapy to save the tooth. Many people cringe when the words “root canal” are mentioned, but it is actually a very routine procedure that is in most cases no more traumatic than having a large filling done. After the dentist administers anesthetic, the pulp of the tooth is cleaned. Files are used to remove the nerve and blood vessels from each root. Once the roots are cleaned to the desired length and the roots are filled as well as the area used to access the tooth.

A tooth without nerves or blood vessels may become brittle and can break easily. This is similar to a tree branch that has broken off and dried up. To prevent this from happening, a crown is prepared and placed over the coronal portion of the tooth. There are several types of crowns available. Many people select tooth colored crowns that match the remaining teeth. During your dental emergency visit, the San Jose area dentist will thoroughly explain your treatment options and a treatment plan will be presented to you that will give you an estimate of your out of pocket cost.

Dr. Antonious, who is located near San Jose, has many years of experience in dentistry. If you are experiencing a possible fractured tooth dental emergency please contact his office at your earliest convenience. His extended hours accommodate a variety of schedules. Delaying dental treatment for a fractured tooth may result in additional damage to the weakened tooth.