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Oral Surgery

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Oral surgery encompasses dental surgery of the teeth, jaws, mouth, and even the face and neck for complex procedures. For most dental practices, including at Sunnyvale Dental Care, oral surgery focuses on extracting problematic teeth or placing dental implants. Our Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Nasser Antonious will determine if your oral surgery case can be addressed at our Sunnyvale Dental Practice (such as removing wisdom teeth), or must be treated by oral surgeons at a hospital or surgery center (such as cancerous bone removal).

Impacted Teeth

Wisdom teeth, otherwise known as third molars, are the last set of teeth to develop. Sometimes these teeth emerge from the gum line and the jaw is large enough to allow room for them, but most of the time, this is not the case. More often, one or more of these third molars fails to emerge in proper alignment or fails to fully emerge through the gum line and becomes entrapped or “impacted” between the jawbone and the gum tissue.

Impacted wisdom teeth can result in swelling, pain, and infection of the gum tissue surrounding the wisdom teeth. In addition, impacted wisdom teeth can cause permanent damage to nearby teeth, gums, and bone and can sometimes lead to the formation of cysts or tumors that can destroy sections of the jaw. Therefore, dentists recommend people with impacted wisdom teeth have them surgically removed.

It’s not just wisdom teeth that sometimes become impacted and need to be removed. Other teeth, such as the cuspids and the bicuspids can become impacted and can cause the same types of problems described with impacted wisdom teeth.


Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sunnyvale


Wisdom tooth oral surgery is a routine procedure for Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Nasser Antonious. Most patients will have their impacted wisdom teeth removed to prevent future impossible-to-reach infection or crowding and shifting of all teeth.

Dr. Nasser Antonious and many oral surgeons nationwide recommend wisdom teeth removal in your mid- to- late- teenage years. At Sunnyvale Dental Care, we understand that you may have anxiety around oral surgery and wisdom teeth extraction– that’s fine, and it’s normal! Our caring staff and experienced dentist will take the time to make sure you’re comfortable with the process, and once your wisdom teeth have been easily removed, you’ll realize there was nothing to fear.

Tooth Loss

Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Antonious offers dental implants as an option for tooth loss due to an accident or infection or as an alternative to dentures. The implants are tooth root substitutes that are surgically anchored in place in the jawbone and act to stabilize the artificial teeth to which they are attached. Suitable candidates for dental implants need to have an adequate bone level and density, must not be prone to infection, and must be willing to maintain good oral hygiene practices.

Jaw-Related Problems

Unequal Jaw Growth – In some individuals, the upper and lower jaw fail to grow properly. This can cause difficulty in speaking, eating, swallowing, and breathing. While some of these problems – like improper teeth alignment – can be corrected with braces and other orthodontic appliances, more serious problems require oral surgery to move all or part of the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both into a new position that is more balanced, functional, and healthy.

Improve Fit of Dentures – For first-time denture wearers, oral surgery can be done to correct any irregularities of the jaws prior to creating the dentures to ensure a better fit. Oral surgery can also help long-term denture wearers. Supporting bone often deteriorates over time resulting in dentures that no longer fit properly. In severe cases, an oral surgeon can add a bone graft to areas where little bone remains.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Dysfunction of the TMJ, the small joint in front of the ear where the skull and lower jaw meet, is a common source of headache and facial pain. Most patients with TMJ disorders can be successfully treated with a combination of oral medications, physical therapy, and splints. However, joint surgery is an option for advanced cases and when the diagnosis indicates a specific problem in the joint.

Other Conditions Treated By Oral Surgery

Facial Injury Repair

Oral surgery is often used to fix fractured jaws and broken facial bones.

Lesion Removal and Biopsy

Oral surgeons can take a small sample of abnormal growth or tissue and then send it for laboratory testing for identification. Some lesions can be managed medically or can be removed by the oral surgeon.

Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Repair

Cleft lip and cleft palate result when all or portions of the mouth and nasal cavity do not grow together properly during fetal development. The result is a gap in the lip and/or a split in the opening in the roof of the mouth. Oral surgeons work as part of a team of healthcare specialists to correct these problems through a series of treatments and surgical procedures over many years.

Facial Infections

Pain and swelling in the face, neck or jaws may indicate an infection. Infections in this area of the body can sometimes develop into life-threatening emergencies if not treated promptly and effectively. An oral surgeon can assist in diagnosing and treating this problem. Surgical treatment, if needed, may include cutting into and draining the infected area as well as extracting any teeth that might be involved.

Snoring / Sleep Apnea

When conservative methods fail to alleviate this problem, surgery can be tried. Surgical procedures involve removing the soft tissues of the oropharynx (an area in the back portion of the mouth) or the lower jaw. Laser surgery is a newer treatment option. Depending on the surgical technique used, the laser is used to either slowly scar the palate, which tightens it, or to remove palate tissue.

In this day and age convenience is key, no wonder the term “dentist near me” is on top of the many search phrases used by local patients looking to find new dentist. Sunnyvale Dental Care is located conveniently in the center of Silicon Valley with great access to many freeways and highways. Sunnyvale Dental Care is among the best reviewed and rated local dental office in the area performing oral surgery and teeth removal services. Dr. Antonious says, “For every business to succeed it has to be profitable. Dentistry is no exception, but still providing the best oral surgery procedures that are well priced and affordable should still be our top priority.

Sunnyvale Dental Care has a convenient location with easy access through Central Expressway and freeway routes 280 and 101 which allow us to serve the dental needs of cities surrounding our office and the city of Sunnyvale including zip codes 94085, 94086, 94087, 94088 and 94089. These dental needs include wisdom teeth extraction and oral surgery.

At Sunnyvale Dental Care, we see many patients on a regular basis who ask us about their dental insurance coverage and copayment for their dental treatment. We not only provide the right information but also make sure our patients get maximum benefit out of their dental PPO insurance coverage. Currently Sunnyvale Dental Care is in network with First Dental Health, Avesis, Assurant, Anthem BlueCross, Maverest, DenteMax, Geha Connection, Guardian, HealthNet, Humana, MetLife, Principal, Dentegra, Aetna, Ameritas, Dental Benefit Providers, United HealthCare, and Cigna. Dr. Antonious is a premier provider with Delta Dental insurance company.

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