Mountain View Dental Emergency – Fractured Tooth

A fractured tooth dental emergency is frequently treated in many Mountain View dental offices. If left untreated, a fractured tooth dental emergency can caused continuous discomfort while biting or chewing on the tooth and it can end by losing the tooth. Sometimes discomfort can be experienced on the tooth spontaneously. It is not uncommon for a fractured tooth to become sensitive to extremes in temperature. This type of stimulus may cause the tooth to throb.

Some fractures are easy to diagnose, while others require special tests. Dental radiographs, bite sticks, and other equipment may be used to diagnose a fractured tooth when the fracture is not visibly obvious. This type of microscopic fracture commonly causes discomfort when biting down on a firm object. Dr. Antonious invites Mountain View residents to schedule an appointment  for all of their emergency dental needs including fractured teeth and dental or gum abscess.

Extensive decay, trauma caused by a fall, participation in sports without a mouth guard or an automobile accident are common culprits of fractured teeth. Fractures may also occur as a result of grinding or clinching the teeth. Some people are unaware that they have this problem, but in many cases, evidence of clinching and grinding may be found on the teeth. Mountain View residence should have an occlusal guard made to protect their teeth if clinching and grinding is identified. Impressions can also be taken to fabricate custom mouth guards to protect against sports related trauma.

When a tooth has had a root canal it becomes brittle and can fracture more easily than a tooth without a root canal. That is why crowns are recommended for most teeth that have been treated with root canal therapy. Biting on hard substances like ice, nuts, seeds, candy, etc. may cause a tooth to fracture. Large existing amalgam fillings may over time cause a tooth to fracture and make a dental emergency visit necessary.

There are a variety of options available to treat a fractured tooth. The extent and location of the fracture will determine the best option. When a fracture causes nerve damage and the tooth is restorable, root canal therapy is necessary to save the tooth. A root canal need not be feared. Removing the nerve and blood vessels within a damaged tooth will provide relief from pain.

A large filling called a “build up” is used to replace missing tooth structure. This type of filling is bonded to the existing tooth to strengthen it. A crown is another frequently recommended treatment for fractured teeth. They are cemented onto a tooth to provide strength and protection.

A fractured tooth that cannot be restored due to excessive damage to the root or bone may need to be removed. A general dentist in the Mountain View area can extract the tooth and replace it. There are several replacement options available. These options include a partial denture that is removable, a bridge that is cemented and not removable, and an implant with a crown attached. This is the best option for most patients when there is sufficient bone present.

Mountain View patients who have fractured a tooth should not delay scheduling their dental emergency visit. Such a delay may result in additional tooth damage.