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Denture Sore Spots

Denture Sore Spots
Dentures causing you problems, discomfort or ulceration?

Denture sores with new dentures

With new dentures a few problems are likely to occur as your new dentures settle. This usually requires a simple adjustment by your Dentist. However, people vary considerably, some people have no trouble at all, while some have more.

Other factors can contribute to sore gums, ulcers and denture sore spots, for example people with underlying medical conditions or those taking certain medications may have more denture sores than average and they may take longer to settle down. In much rarer cases any underlying pathology needs to be ruled out by your Dentist.

Denture sores with old or worn dentures

If your dentures are over 5 years, there is a good chance your dentures are not fitting as well as they could be. Both partial dentures and complete dentures can cause pain and irritation, you should not try to trim or adjust dental plates yourself. Loose and ill fitting dentures can damage your mouth and lead to trauma and ulceration, if you are having problems with the fit and comfort of your dentures you should consider arranging a denture evaluation.

Denture sore mouth or denture stomatitis

Long term ill fitting and poorly maintained dentures can contribute to denture sore stomatitis. If your gums below your dentures are red and sore you may have denture stomatitis, call us to arrange a denture evaluation.

Denture Sores that persist

Any false teeth sore that persists requires further investigation by your Dentist. We offer a same day appointment for patients that are experiencing denture continual denture soreness.

Home remedies for denture sores

A simple home remedy for ulcers caused by your dentures is a gentle rinse several times a day with a mixture of salt and warm water. Any of the current over-the-counter oral pain killers may be used for some immediate relief, check with your Pharmacist. Sometimes it's helpful to remove your dentures for a few hours, then replace them later.

Never hesitate to contact your Dentist should your denture sores persist.

To help us to help you, leave your denture in place at least 18-24 hours prior to your adjustment visit, this helps us to identify the exact area of denture soreness.

Also, try to wait at least a few days between visits, as many problems will go away on their own.
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