Cupertino Dental Emergency – Bitten Tongue or lips

Most people have at some point in their lives accidentally bitten their lips or tongues. The lips and tongue are delicate areas that can be easily injured. These types of accidents are generally mild, heal easily, and are not usually thought of as a dental emergency. Young children may experience mouth injuries more frequently and should be protected from unnecessary accidental injuries. Mouth guards may be purchased and worn as added protection while playing sports.

Because of stress, anxiety or nervousness, some people may subconsciously bite the soft tissue inside of their mouth. This can result in tissue trauma and a sore mouth. Other people accidental bite their tongue, lips, or cheeks because their teeth are not aligned in an ideal position. It may be possible to treat teeth misalignment with orthodontics.

Even normal biting, chewing, and eating may cause an accidental lip or tongue bite. This is especially true for patients who are numb from dental treatment. If possible after a dental procedure involving anesthetic, it may be helpful to avoid chewing until the numb feeling is gone. Trauma such as a fall may cause a lip or tongue injury. People who suffer from epilepsy and people who participate in contact sports may also experience a lip or tongue injury.

The tongue is an important part of the body. It assists us in speaking, chewing, tasting our food, and swallowing. A serious laceration or cut to the tongue may cause swelling and heavy bleeding. A minor tongue or lip injury can be treated in a Cupertino area dental office.

A major cut or laceration may require advanced care in a hospital emergency room. This is especially the case when the bleeding cannot be controlled, or if an unclean object, animal, or another person caused the laceration. Cupertino residents suffering from minor tongue or lip injuries are welcomed at the office of Dr. Antonious for a dental emergency visit. Cleanings, restorative, and cosmetic dental services are also offered in his dental office.

Many tongue injuries heal well on their own without the threat of an infection, and without a need for sutures. If there is any question or concern about the seriousness of your injury, as a precaution, a dental emergency visit should be scheduled with a Cupertino area dentist.

A clean piece of gauze or cloth may be used to apply pressure and control bleeding. Cold items like ice or a compress may make the wound feel more comfortable. Warm salt water rinses may help a few days after the accident once the wound has started to heal and the bleeding has completely stopped.

A dentist or physician may prescribe a pain killer. Avoid the injured area as much as possible. Crunchy, hard, spicy, and hot foods and beverages should not be consumed till the injured area is completely healed.

If you notice signs of an infection, an emergency dental visit should be quickly scheduled with a dentist near Cupertino. If there is an infection, the dentist may want you to take an antibiotic for a few days. These signs may include: redness, swelling, pus, difficulty speaking, difficulty swallowing, or a fever. Serious lacerations of the lip that extends onto the face should be examined by a physician to determine whether sutures or other treatment is necessary to ensure proper wound healing.