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Los Altos Emergency Dentist

Los Altos Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentistry Sunnyvale Dr. Bhavna GuptaThe city of Los Altos is nearly six miles away from Dr. Gupta’ dental office, which is very well known for providing emergency assistance for urgent dental care. Most dentists around the city work on a regular 9 to 5 four days a week schedule. Precisely that’s why we receive a considerable amount of emergency appointment requests from the area because our office is conveniently open as early as 8 am and closes around 7 pm, depending on different days of the week. If you call us before closing time, we might extend the hours and keep it open a little late to accommodate your emergency request. Don’t wait! Call in to get an appointment if you are in pain.

Statistics shared by The American Dental Association on sports injury is alarming, it is found to be the number one cause of adult tooth damage. It covers all types of sports or even a backyard games. City of Los Altos sees similar cases throughout the year and needs a dentist trained in emergency dentistry such as emergency tooth pain, lost filling or crown, bitten tongue & lips, emergency mouth bleeding, tooth abscess and a fractured tooth. Dr. Gupta is serving the patients from the town of Los Altos since the inception of his dental office, over two decades ago. We suggest you give us a call immediately if you have an emergency that cannot wait.

Dr. Gupta is proud to be serving Los Altos patients in such situations, where waiting for a dental appointment can aggravate your dental problem and even make it worse.

In addition to providing emergency dental care all around the year, our dental office also provides the following dental services:

  • General dentistry for adults, children, and families
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Oral surgery and implant procedures
  • Invisalign Orthodontics
  • Teeth whitening
  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Wisdom Tooth removal

We welcome Los Altos residents to our emergency dental service, which is dedicated to free patients from pain. A lot of our patients come from other cities because they value Dr. Gupta’ expertise in the field of dental emergencies. For us, the best compliment is when we see our patients smile and relax post their urgent dental treatment. Our primary goal is to work towards your satisfaction and provide genuine & effective dental care.

Dr. Gupta tries his best to accommodate urgent cases into his schedule as early as he can. Most dental emergencies are seen on the same day. Our office has a dedicated 24/7 emergency service that sends the message directly to the Doctor.

Make an appointment by calling (408) 720-0900.


Useful Information For Mountain View, CA

As was true of many of California’s earlier cities, Mountain View CA started life as a stagecoach stop. The mild year round climate helped establish it as an agricultural area, and a city slowly developed with the arrival of the first settlers.

Agriculture remained the main business until after World War !! with the arrival of the electronics and aerospace industries. Things changed forever with the development of the surrounding Silicon Valley, and the advent of the high tech industry assured constant and steady growth for the city.

Today, Mountain View offers high quality restaurants and unique shopping experiences which draw both local residents and visitors to the bay area. Since the Mountain View area offers world class medical and dental services sometimes not found in a visitors home country, many schedule procedures such as dental implants along with their vacation!

Following Are Additional Sources Of Information About Other Mountain View Resources:

City of Mountain View

500 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94039
(650) 903-6301

City of Mountain View Library

585 Franklin Street
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 903-6887

 Chamber of Commerce of Mountain View

580 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 968-8378

El Camino Hospital Mountain View

2500 Grant Rd
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 940-7000

Sutter Health

701 E El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 934-7000

Kaiser Permanente

555 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 903-3000

Mountain View Community Center
Recreation Division

201 South Rengstorff Ave
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 903-6331

Mountain View Senior Center

266 Escuela Ave
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 903-6330

 Police Department

1000 Villa St
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 903 -6395 (non-emergency)

Knowing how to handle a dental emergency can mean the difference between saving or losing a tooth.

First, try to stick the tooth back in place and hold it there while you rush to see the dentist. If that’s impossible, put the tooth in a container of milk (or water if milk is not available) and take it and the patient to the dentist immediately.
To avoid further aggravating the damaged tooth, place a piece of soft wax into the area of the tooth that was chipped. You should eat only soft foods and try to avoid food and drink that are hot and cold to the touch.
If you find that your jaw hurts when it is moved or if you cannot close your mouth in a normal fashion, it is likely that you have fractured your jaw. Seek professional medical help at a hospital emergency room. The hospital will be able to treat your injury as well as advise you whether you need to make an appointment to see your dentist.
Biting or lacerating your tongue may cause inflammation and possible bleeding. Use ice or pressure to control the swelling or bleeding. Any swelling should subside within twenty-four hours. Contact your Dentist if the pain persists or the laceration is deep.
Slight bleeding after an extraction is normal. A clot will usually form within one hour. If bleeding continues, place a thick gauze pad over the extraction site. Apply pressure to the area to control the flow of blood. If bleeding still persists, you may try soaking a tea bag in water, placing it inside a thin gauze pad, and apply pressure for one hour. The tea leaves contain minerals which may aid in the clotting procedure.
Canker sores are those very small and painful sores which occur inside the mouth. They can be caused by stress, biting the inside of the mouth or by a reaction to certain foods. If you find that you have developed a canker sore on the inside of the mouth, apply an over-the-counter medicine like Orajel or Campho-Phenique. This will produce a bandage-like film over the sore.
An aching tooth is a very common dental emergency. A toothache is often a sign of infection in or around a tooth. Tylenol or aspirin can sometimes be effective in comforting pain. If there is a hole in the tooth, you may place Oil of Cloves on a small cotton pellet and place it in the site to relieve pain.

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