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Affordable Dental Fees

Affordable Dental Fees

Affordable Dental Care Fees is something that interests every dental patient when searching for the best dentist. When doing so, patients often come across great variance of fees for same dental services even in the same area or zip code. It happens because every dentist can decide on their fee structure.

Let us face it, dental treatment is not cheap which may make a patient not seek early dental treatment or even worse wait until they are in pain before getting the recommended treatment by their dentist.

Unfortunately, shopping for a dental service is nothing like shopping for a car. When buying a car, you can call different dealers to compare the price and choose the lowest price for the car, make and model you want. On the other hand, if you are looking for a dental crown it has to be made individually and precisely according to your cosmetic needs, bite and many other parameters. And how would you be able to compare two different dentists by their clinical experience, material of the crown they will be using, qualifications of the lab man making your crown and the dental service provided by both offices? More importantly, do you even need the crown in the first place, i.e., did the dentist diagnosed your dental problem accurately?

Knowing all this, will you be still willing to go to the cheapest dentist?

We know that you are not looking for a cheap crown replacement but a fine-quality value crown. You are willing to pay a reasonable fee for competent dental work.

Good service might mean different things to different people. For one person, right service may involve things like is there an excessive wait time for the doctor’s appointment? Is the office staff trained professionals? Do I feel welcomed and cared for in this office environment? Is the office clean and organized? Does the Doctor return my phone calls timely?

For another person good service might mean- does the dental office look like the Taj Mahal? Does this office have a spa like atmosphere? Does the office offer massages?

In case you thought we are kidding about the massages there are few offices known as spa dental and other offices that employ full-time massage therapists. It is ok if that’s what a particular patient is looking for as long as he/she knows that they will end up paying a premium fee for these extravagant services.

Sunnyvale Dental Care doesn’t indulge in offering such unnecessary services but only sound, state of the art, conservative and affordable dentistry in a professional atmosphere. Although, there are some legitimate ways you can save in the cost of your dental.

The following are a few questions that should help you find an affordable dental office with a reasonable fee structure:

Does the dental office give a courtesy discount for paying upfront for treatment?

As upfront cash payments are hassle-free for the dental office and patients, most dentists are happy to offer some discounts to make it economic. Patients often save a lot of money on their dental procedures by paying upfront.

At Sunnyvale Dental Care, if you pay upfront and “in full” for treatments over $1000 we offer a 10% courtesy discount for cash and check payments and 6% for paying by credit card.

How much should you pay for the best dentist?

A cheap dentist might seem affordable and inexpensive at first, but you may never know if it costs you far more than a dentist with a higher fee. What if your cheap dental treatment gets worse after a few months and you need several major procedures to fix it? You will probably never know what caused it and what could you have saved without this extra dental expense and treatment. Don’t look for cheaper and inexpensive service but find a good dentist who offers value for your money with superior dental services. A good dentist will keep your dental health first by all means without compromising the quality of service he provides. Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Gupta hires well-trained staff, employs the latest technology, and purchases bulk office supplies to render economic and worthy dental services to his patients.

Does your best dentist accept your PPO plan?

Check if your best dentist is accepting your PPO plan before starting your treatment. A PPO dentist agrees to take a negotiated or discounted fee for your dental procedures that have already been discussed with your insurance company. PPO plan offers many other discounts and inclusions that you may not get otherwise from your non PPO dentist. Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Gupta is a PPO dentist for many dental insurance companies like First Health Dental, Aetna, TriCare Delta Dental, Cigna, Humana Dental, MetLife Dental, Assurant Dental, Principal Dental, DenteMax, Dental Benefits Providers/ United Healthcare, Ameritas, Guardian Dental, Connection Dental (GEHA), Health Net Dental and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Dental. Our insurance coordinator and office staff are prompt in handling your PPO affordable fee claims and processing. Call our office numbers to know about your PPO plan today.

Are treatment plans & cost estimates discussed in advance?

It is essential to understand your affordable treatment plan before beginning the procedure. Having a written estimate in your hand is the only legitimate way to find out if you can afford your treatment. When discussing treatment, make sure the treatment plan is discussed in detail, so you know what to expect. Check the cost of each procedure and the cost of the overall treatment plan. Check for the number of visits your treatment requires. How much time will it take for each visit? Are your questions answered clearly? Signing up for something that you do not agree with can result in a problem later on in your treatments. A good dentist and his/her staff will try his best to guide you through it. If you need treatment beyond basic cleaning and x-rays, Sunnyvale Dental Care treatment coordinator will create a treatment plan addressing all the questions mentioned above. We never rush you into things and wait for you to decide on your own time. Our office coordinator is also available during office hours for advice.

Does the practice offer new patient specials?

New patient specials work as an ice-breaker for the dentist and patients. These free promotional offers are definitely affordable. During a free consultation, you can have a first-hand treatment experience with your choice of dentist. It gives you a chance to visit the facility, meet the dentist & his/her staff and most importantly see how they approach a dental problem. If you feel comfortable seeing this dentist you know you have found your family dentist. Sunnyvale Dental Care has some excellent special offers for new patient specials ranging from Free Initial Consultation, Free Whitening, Free Implant Consultation, Free Denture Consultation and Free Invisalign Consultation. Visit the website or call our office to book your appointment for the new special offers and we will get you started.  

Learn more when you visit Sunnyvale Dental Care. Call Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Gupta at 408-720-0900 to schedule a consultation today!

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