Early Treatment Is a Must

There are many reasons for not getting cheap dental treatments right after being diagnosed. Many people are too busy and figure they’ll put off the procedure until it’s absolutely necessary. Others may be nervous about getting a tooth capped or a cavity filled. Still others may have extenuating circumstances, such as a sick parent or a newborn child, and dental appointments simply fall by the wayside. As you didn’t get an inexpensive treatment at an early stage it gets worse with time and cost you way more than what it should if you have seen your dentist for your regular preventative visits.

Have You Been Putting Off a Procedure? Here are a Few Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait

You could suffer complications. The longer you wait to get something treated, the more serious it becomes. What began as a small cavity that was barely perceptible on X-rays can quickly grow into a major hole requiring a large filling. Once a cavity or hole is present the only way to fix it is through a filling by removing the bacteria infection and replacing it with bio compatible dental filling material. Delaying treatment of cavities, can lead to the progression of the bacterial colonies eating more of your tooth structure and causing cavities to enlarge. This may require additional dental treatments such as root canals and crowns. These areas may also darken and cause the teeth to have a blackened and un-aesthetic appearance. Teeth undermined by decay or large cavities may even break. Some cavities can grow so large they require the tooth to be extracted necessitating a dental implant or bridge.

Untreated gum disease can end by tooth loss. This is said to affect up to 80% of the population. Bleeding gums, painful dental cleanings, and bad breath can be some signs of gum or periodontal disease. If left untreated, gum disease progresses into periodontal disease which eats away at the bone that holds your teeth in place causing premature tooth loss. Tooth loss then in turn can cause a collapse of your facial features making you appear to be more aged.

You Run the Risk of not Getting the Affordable Dental Care You Prefer

If you put off getting treatment, your problem may grow worse. Eventually, it could turn into an emergency situation, and you’ll be rushing to see whatever dentist you can reach in a short period of time. That lack of choice can be frustrating, especially since you could have taken care of the problem with your Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Gupta at a much affordable cost.

You Incur Added Expenses

Restorative dentistry is used to repair teeth that are broken, decayed, or missing. Basically, it’s used to fix all those dental problems that occur when a person doesn’t take care of their teeth or visit Sunnyvale Dental Care regularly, and these procedures tend to be more expensive than standard preventive care.

For example, should you develop a minor dental problem like a small cavity. Your Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Gupta will likely treat it affordably using a filling. How much will that cost? About $200 – $300.

Let’s say you ignore that small cavity and it turns into a large cavity that requires a dental crown. This will no longer remain an economic treatment and will cost you something around $900.

In case your tooth needs a root canal in addition to the crown, you can add to that $500 – $900 depending on how many roots the tooth that needs the root canal has.

Let us say, the tooth cannot be saved, you will be looking to pay $4000 for implant procedure.

You Will be in Pain

The risk of not getting dental procedures when you need them is that you may develop pain, especially if you need something as serious as a root canal. Every meal will become torturous, and even talking could cause discomfort. That’s no way to live.

The Pain Will Get Worse

Contrary to popular belief, the root canal procedure itself is relatively painless. If you are experiencing pain due to an infected tooth, then you can get relief by getting a root canal. On the other hand, the pain will continue to get worse if you delay getting the root canal treatment. Once the pain becomes unbearable, you may need to make an appointment asap at Sunnyvale Dental Care, and the procedure could be more difficult due to possible complications.

Tooth Loss

The damaged part of the tooth is removed during a root canal. The tooth is also sealed in order to prevent further damage. However, if a root canal is not performed, then the tooth will become more damaged and infected. This can cause you to lose your tooth. While extraction can prevent the infection from getting worse, it is not something that dentists like to do if they can avoid it. It is always best to save the natural tooth whenever possible. If you have a tooth extracted, then your other teeth may start to shift. That is why you will have to get a missing tooth replaced. Therefore, you will end up spending more money and have a harder time with your oral health overall if you do not get a root canal.

Systemic Infection

If an oral infection was not treated, then the infection will start to spread throughout the body. In rare cases, the whole body can develop an infection. This can cause serious damage to your heart and other organs. In extreme cases the infections may spread to other areas of area leading to medical treatments and possible hospitalization.


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