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TriCare Delta Dental

TriCare Delta Dental

We are a dental preferred provider, PPO dentist and in-network dentist with TriCare Delta Dental Insurance Company

Sunnyvale Dental Care is a preferred provider of TriCare PPO Delta Dental, providing best-in-class dental care services for over two decades. Our goal is to maximize your insurance coverage and to make your oral health care affordable whether it is a basic check-up or a major dental procedure. Sunnyvale dentist, Dr. Gupta believes you should be able to maintain a good dental health without having to worry about tedious insurance paperwork and claims filling process.

Sunnyvale Dental Care insurance coordinator makes sure our TriCare Delta Dental patients get nothing but the best in insurance handlings & benefit assistance. A significant of our dental practice comes from TriCare Delta Dental patients, which makes us quite an expert in handling their insurance billings and claims follow up. Sunnyvale Dentist, Dr. Gupta feels proud to see patients from the military background. He values their selfless service to the country. If patients need treatment beyond the basic cleaning and x-rays, a detailed treatment plan is provided detailing the treatment duration, insurance coverage, benefits, and copayments. We always do our best to utilize maximum insurance benefits to the best interest of our patients.

The TriCare Retiree Dental Program works like any other insurance company, where insurance buyers make monthly premium payments and earn the right to discounted fees on dental care by a participating (in-network) dentist. Like every other insurance plan, it will also cover a specific maximum dollar amount for a calendar year, and coverage percentage that will vary according to your insurance plan.

The TriCare Retiree Dental Program

The TriCare Retiree Dental Program, which is also known as TRDP, is a PPO benefit program by Delta Dental. Delta PPO Dental Insurance plan includes dentists from two national networks, Delta Dental Legion and Delta Dental PPO. Insurance policyholders pay 100% premium for their TRDP coverage and save maximum on quality dental care by seeing a TRDP network dentist. They have over 200,000 participating provider locations all over the US. The TriCare retiree Dental program covers preventive treatments like exams, cleanings, fluorides, sealants and x-rays. Other procedures covered are fillings, root canals, gum surgery, extractions, Crowns, dentures, and orthodontics. To enroll in TriCare Dental program visit Delta Dental official website online.

Sunnyvale Dental Care is dedicated to providing insurance assistance and support to TriCare PPO Delta Dental patients. Best way to speak to our insurance coordinator during the weekdays by calling (408) 720-0900 or Toll-free number (877) 9DENTAL. Keep your insurance information like group ID, insurance ID, and others handy when you call us!

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