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Medical Dental Considerations

Medical Dental Considerations

Medical considerations Sunnyvale, CA

  medical considerations sunnyvale family dental office There are many medical considerations that must be addressed when you come to Sunnyvale Dental Care family clinic in Sunnyvale, California. Below are just a few common conditions that may relate to you. Please take a moment to review these, and let us know if there are other concerns you have that we have not mentioned here. In order for Family Dentistry to be provided in a safe and effective manner these medical considerations need to be addressed first.

Antibiotic Premedications

Often your physician will suggest premeditation before your dental appointment. Here are a few of the conditions that your physician may suggest premeditations for: Atrial Fibrillation, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Skeletal Joint Replacement Implants (artificial hip, knees), Cardiac Stent Placement. Sunnyvale family dentist Dr. Gupta will coordinate your antibiotic premedications with your medical doctor.


Diabetes can be a very difficult condition to treat. Your mouth may be one of the first places that diabetes is seen. If your mouth doesn’t heal well or you have advanced gum disease, Dr. Gupta may ask you to go to your physician to be checked. If you do have diabetes, you must keep your tissues in your mouth very clean. We can discuss this condition with you at your next appointment.

Periodontal Disease

Gum disease can be the cause of generalized health problems. When you have an infection in your mouth, this infection can travel through your bloodstream and cause other parts of your body to become infected. The bacteria can lodge in your heart, or on artificial materials that have been surgically placed. If you have a bad odor, bleeding, or loose teeth, you need to see Sunnyvale family dentist Dr. Gupta to treat this infection. The problem will only get worse.

Sjogren’s Disease

This is an autoimmune disease that causes dry mouth and dry eyes. When the natural saliva that bathes your teeth slows down, your teeth become more susceptible to decay. You need to keep your appointments for regular check up so that we can watch for any abnormal decay that may develop. While there is nothing that can be done to cure the disease, there are many products that we can prescribe at our family dental care center to make you more comfortable.


Many individuals have been placed on medications to help slow down the loss of bone. Unfortunately, these medications have been implicated in causing osteonecrosis (bone death) in the jaw. FOSAMAX has been the major medication of concern. If you need to have any dental procedures or dental extractions, you may need to discontinue this therapy and consult your physician as to when it would be safe to proceed with your treatment.


There are many drugs that can cause your mouth to become dry and subsequently cause decay. Some tranquilizers, heart medications, and pain medicines can cause your mouth to produce less saliva. Over the counter decongestants can also cause this dryness to occur. Please keep up a good daily hygiene so that the risk of decay is less. In addition you need to keep your routine appointments with Sunnyvale Dental Care family practice dentist Dr. Gupta to insure your continued good dental health. Your semiannual family dental checkup will include oral cancer screening.

Learn more when you visit Sunnyvale Family Dental Care. Call Sunnyvale Dentist Dr.  Gupta at 408-720-0900 to schedule a consultation today!

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