Root Canal Treatment versus Implants

Should I consider Dental Implants instead of Root Canal Treatment?

Dental implant is an excellent choice of treatment to replace missing teeth. However, if you still have a tooth that can be restored, you should consider saving the tooth through root canal treatment.
Because there is high (97 percent) levels of patient satisfaction with a positive impact on quality of life after endodontic treatment.

When compared the outcomes of 196 root canal treated teeth with 196 matched, single-tooth implants, with both treatments provided in the same setting, both groups had 94 percent survival rates. Even though the survival rates were similar, the implant group experienced a much greater incidence of post-operative complications (e.g., prosthetic repairs, etc.)

Adverse events can occur during implant surgery, including paresthesia, hematoma, hemorrhage and devitalization of adjacent teeth. The incidence of these complications is none or extremely rare during non-surgical root canal treatment.

Also, restored single-tooth implants cost about 75-90 percent more than similarly restored endodontically treated teeth.

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