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Dental Post-Op Instructions Sunnyvale

Dental Post-Op Instructions Sunnyvale

Post-Operative & After-Care Instructions for Dental Procedures

At Sunnyvale Dental Care one of our goals is to provide you with as much helpful communication as possible. We so much appreciate your trust in us in allowing us to treat and provide dental care for you and your family.

Your comfort and health are important to us. Please use these post-operative instructions as a helpful guide on what to expect and measures to take following your dental procedures. From what you can eat or drink following an operation, to the cleaning and care techniques that are most beneficial for maintaining the beautiful results of your procedure.

It is our goal at Sunnyvale Dental Care that your recovery be as smooth and comfortable as possible following a dental procedure and that you are happy and satisfied with the outcome of your dental treatment.

The do’s and don’ts after a dental procedure are very crucial for a successful treatment outcome. Following these simple instructions makes a huge difference in treatment results. For example, after a dental surgical procedure, following these instructions will make the difference between uneventful healing including: minimal bleeding, decrease the chance of swelling, mild discomfort and fast recovery time. On the other hand not following these instructions can cause treatment complications including: excessive bleeding, large size of swelling, severe pain, and longer healing periods.

Please read these instructions carefully before calling the office. If after reading these directions you have any questions call the office and Dr. Gupta will be happy to speak with you.

The promotions require Adobe Acrobat Reader to save. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may click the link below for a free download.

To read fillings aftercare instructions click here.  

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