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Principal Dental PPO Pre-Authorization

Principal Dental PPO Pre-Authorization

Principal Dental PPO insurance does not require pre-authorization or predetermination of benefits for dental treatment performed on its policy holders, but it does recommend it for major services such as oral surgery, periodontics, prosthetics, single crowns, onlays, and inlays. Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Gupta is an in network preferred provider for Principal Dental PPO insurance.

The staff at Sunnyvale Dental Care is very familiar with Principal Dental PPO insurance and would be happy to request a pre-authorization on your behalf. Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Gupta and his staff know the correct documentation required for submission by Principal Dental PPO insurance to get a reply as soon as possible.

You may wonder why some take this step if it is not required. It is true that submitting a pre-authorization of benefits will delay treatment because it may take a number of weeks to get a response. However, in this economy some patients find it helpful to know what their out of pocket copay will be in advance, especially for major procedures.

Once processed, a copy of the pre-authorization will be sent to Sunnyvale Dental Care. A copy will be available for you too directly from Principal Dental insurance. Each individual plan has different coverage levels, deductibles, and annual maximum benefit allowance.

Your pretreatment estimate will show what your annual maximum is and how much of it is available for use. It will also give valuable information about the dollar amount that you can expect Principal Dental insurance to pay on your behalf, as well as what your estimated copay will be for each procedure on the treatment plan.

Many pre-authorizations will note the amount that you are saving by receiving treatment at an in network dental clinic. As an in network provider, Dr. Gupta will not exceed the charges found on the Principal Dental PPO fee schedule, which is considerable less than standard fees.

Once you receive your pre-authorization of benefits, you will want to schedule your appointment for as soon as possible. If you delay your treatment, the information found on the pre-authorization can expire and a new one will have to be submitted.

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