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Perio Protect™ Dental Treatment

Perio Protect™ Dental Treatment

More than 80% of U.S. adults over 35 have some form of gum disease (or periodontal disease). Most who have the beginning stage of this disease don’t even know it.

The most severe version of gum disease is known as periodontitis. A less severe version is known as gingivitis. In many cases gingivitis is a precursor to periodontitis so all forms of gum disease should be seen as serious and not neglected.

This disease is serious enough to be called the “silent epidemic” by former Surgeon General, David Satcher. It is also known as the “busy person’s disease” because people with very busy schedules often neglect their oral hygiene. It can be scary to hear that you have gum disease.

Many people become embarrassed when they are told they have gum disease because they feel they have not paid enough attention to their oral hygiene; however, studies show that many adults lose ground even when they brush and floss regularly. A well-known phrase for growing older is growing “long in the tooth.” This phrase obviously indicates that it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep good oral hygiene for an entire lifetime.

When the symptoms become severe, with gums bleeding and teeth becoming loose, we tend to start paying attention. Unfortunately this level of belated intervention is now at the crisis level and can cause serious bone, tissue, and tooth loss.

The following list represents a few of the concerns people have regarding a periodontal exam or treatment:

  • Fear of Surgery
  • Fear of Loss of Teeth
  • Embarrassment and Concern about Bleeding Gums
  • Sensitive/Sore Teeth
  • Fearful that Cleanings will be Painful
  • Long Appointments
  • Expensive Treatments

At Sunnyvale Dental Care, Dr. Gupta provides various types of intervention treatments for all stages of the disease. Minor symptoms are typically treated non-surgically with some patient education, a professional quality cleaning, and careful attention to follow-up visits.

For patients with moderate gingivitis through severe periodontitis, Sunnyvale Dental Care clinic offers the convenient, comfortable Perio Protect™ treatment, which is a method that uses an FDA-cleared medical device that enables Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Gupta in most cases to provide effective treatment with:

  • No Painful Scraping
  • No Expensive Surgery
  • No Lengthy Appointments
  • No Shots
  • No Pain

How Does the Perio Protect Tray® Work?

The special internal seals in the Perio Tray make it possible to place medication directly into the pockets between teeth and gum tissue. Dr. Gupta will take measurement of your mouth and send them to the dental laboratory along with a mold of your mouth. The lab will use these measurements to customize an internal seal for each Perio Tray. When the tray is ready, patients put medication directly in the Tray and wear it for several minutes each day.

The Perio Tray works by sealing close to the gums to prevent medication from seeping into the mouth. The pressure created by the seal forces the medication into pockets under the gum line, reaching deeper than any other non-invasive gum disease treatment can. The daily application of medication fights the bacterial infections and keeps the disease-causing bacteria from recolonizing, which allows the gums to heal.

How to Use the Perio Tray®

Each patient will use the Perio Tray differently based on Dr. Gupta’ recommendations. Most patients start with 2-3 Perio Tray applications per day, each 10-15 minutes, but the actual frequency and duration will be determined by Dr. Gupta based on individual patient needs.

  • Once the infection is under control and the inflammation and bleeding decrease, Perio Tray usage generally drops to one time per day and continues to be used to manage periodontal disease, which is unfortunately never cured. The best part, in addition to better disease management, is that you will also have fresher breath and whiter teeth! Who doesn’t want that?

Why Use the Perio Protect® for Gum Disease Treatment?

The Perio Tray has many advantages as a gum disease treatment device, but perhaps the most important benefits of the Perio Tray is that it is a more comfortable, more effective, and less invasive option to deliver medication deep below the gums. The tray may also help patients avoid the need for systemic antibiotics, which can be overused.

The Perio Protect® method has no learning curve and it is done by patients themselves. Unlike other periodontal treatment modalities like arestin, which will need a professional to deliver.

In addition, the Perio Tray is not technique sensitive. Unlike tooth brushing and flossing which requires patients to use specific techniques, with the Perio Tray, patients just add medication and pop it into their mouth. This use also allows for a more complete treatment of biofilms beneath the gums.

Sunnyvale Dental Care office is proud to offer Perio Protect as an effective treatment to help our patients win the battle against gum disease.

Learn more when you visit Sunnyvale Dental Care practice. Call Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Gupta at 408-720-0900 to schedule a consultation today!

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