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Los Altos Emergency Dentist – Dental Gum Abscess

Los Altos Emergency Dentist – Dental Gum Abscess

Los Altos Dental Emergency – Abscess

An abscessed tooth may slowly progress over time or present itself suddenly and without warning. No matter the scenario, the throbbing, aching, or swelling associated with an abscessed tooth dental emergency can be very miserable. A dental abscess does not just affect the mouth, but can be detrimental to overall health. Therefore it is important not to postpone the treatment of a dental abscess.

A dental abscess is an area of infection around a tooth or its surrounding gum tissue. The abscess may be caused by caries or decay that has inflamed the inner pulp of the tooth. This is a periapical abscess. This type of abscess may be prevented or identified early with periodic dental radiographs and examinations. A periapical abscess may be treated near Los Altos with root canal therapy when there is sufficient bone surrounding the tooth and enough remaining healthy tooth structure to restore. A crown, most likely, will be recommended following the root canal procedure. Gold, ceramic, and porcelain fused to metal are common types of dental crowns. Most crowns can be completed in two dental appointments.

If the decay has extended to an area that is difficult to restore, an extraction may be necessary. A Los Altos area dentist can extract a non-restorable tooth and replace it with a removable partial denture, a fixed bridge, or an implant. The available options for your situation and the pros and cons of each option will be discussed with you during your dental emergency visit.

Another type of dental abscess is a periodontal abscess. Periodontal disease is to blame for this type of infection. A deep cleaning called scaling and root planing (SRP) or gum surgery is the treatment for a periodontal abscess. A periodontal abscess may be prevented with good oral hygiene home care and professional cleanings. Professional cleanings may be recommended every three, four, or six months depending on the patients’ periodontal health.

Infection may also result from trauma to an otherwise healthy tooth. This can affect people of any age. A person suffering with a dental abscess should schedule a dental emergency visit as soon as possible. The dental office of Dr. Bhawna Gupta is located near Los Altos city. He has reserved room in his schedule for patients needing dental emergency treatment. Many other dental services are offered including teeth whitening, Invisalign orthodontics, oral surgery, wisdom teeth extractions, and cosmetic procedures.

Initial Abscess Treatment

Sometimes a dental abscess is initially treated with antibiotics. When taken as prescribed by the Los Altos area dentist, antibiotics can help to reduce the infection and the subsequent symptoms. The antibiotic will however not completely rid you of the infection. If the source of the infection is not addressed, the infection will continue to return resulting in repeated dental emergencies.


A good oral hygiene routine that consists of brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day can be very helpful in preventing decay and maintaining the health of the oral gum tissue and bone. Frequently consuming sugary drinks like soda and snacks like candy may also contribute to tooth decay which when left untreated can eventually cause an abscess.

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