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Guardian PPO Maximum and Deductible

Guardian PPO Maximum and Deductible

Guardian Dental Insurance is one of the most common dental insurance providers. Determining how your dental insurance will best suit your needs is a top priority for the highly trained staff at Sunnyvale Dental Care. Dr. Gupta and his team are dedicated to helping you understand your plan to maximize your dental benefits.

The term “maximum” refers to the amount of money your dental insurance plan provides per benefit period, typically 12 consecutive months or one calendar year. Guardian has several levels of dental insurance plans and maximums that vary according to the plan selected by you or your employer. Some plan maximums are in the $2500 range, and some are less comprehensive with a maximum around $1000 per benefit period. Additionally, in understanding your maximum, it’s important to know that not all dental procedures provided to you at Sunnyvale Dental Care will be covered at 100%. A simple filling may be covered at 80% and you would cover the remaining 20%, as an example. Only the 80% paid by insurance would deduct from your maximum. Also, not all treatments available to you at Sunnyvale Dental Care are covered by your insurance and therefore have no impact on your plan maximum.

Guardian Dental Insurance plans often require a deductible to be paid by you prior to the plan beginning to cover your dental care costs. Similar to car insurance, deductibles apply when treatment is rendered. However, there are some procedures, such as preventive cleanings that may not require a deductible.

Understanding how your Guardian plan is structured, what your treatment needs are and coordinating all of it with you is a vital service for you as a patient. Sunnyvale Dentist, Dr. Gupta knows that proper attention given to all of these insurance parameters is essential in providing you with optimal dental care.

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