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GEHA Preferred PPO Dentist in Sunnyvale

GEHA Preferred PPO Dentist in Sunnyvale

We are a dental preferred provider, PPO dentist and in-network dentist with Connection Dental GEHA Insurance Company

Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Gupta welcomes Connection dental (GEHA) PPO insurance policyholders to Sunnyvale Dental Care for all kinds of dental treatments. Sunnyvale Dental Care accepts GEHA PPO insurance for comprehensive dental services that covers three types of dental services- preventive care (dental exams, x-rays, and cleanings), basic services (fillings & root canals), and major services like crowns, bridges, and dentures. You can get all the information about your insurance coverage by directly calling us even before you make an appointment. Call us, and we will get back to you after talking to your insurance company, so you don’t have to worry about your paperwork for your dental claims. When you come in for your first consultation and any needed treatment, we will prepare a treatment plan and let you know about your copayment. It will help you understand your treatment expense and insurance coverage provided by GEHA PPO that you can utilize for a whole year. We even submit and manage your claims after you have your treatment at our dental office. Our goal is to make dental care convenient for you and your family! We often see patients who don't understand their insurance coverage so well; it is a relatively common occurrence for first-time patients. Questions like whether to choose an in-network or out-of-network dentist might bother you while selecting a dentist, to avoid the chaos it is best to contact our dental office. Sunnyvale Dental Care insurance coordinator is always happy to answer your queries, related to insurance coverage, maximums, deductibles, coverage restrictions, limitations, and inclusions. Dr. Gupta is a trusted GEHA PPO Sunnyvale dentist serving patients residing in Sunnyvale and the surrounding areas. Our quality of dental care and ability to maximize your insurance coverage is often the most trusted thing about our dental office. Sometimes, we might not have all the answers right at that moment, but we always get back to you after speaking with GEHA insurance agents about your specific dental plan coverage and other related details. Like we provide all dentistry treatments under one roof, we also take care of all your insurance claims handling from start to finish; our insurance coordinator is a specialist in the utilization of your dental insurance to your maximum allowed benefits and also in processing your dental claims on your behalf. The insurance companies tie up with so many PPO dentists to provide some added benefits like more coverage maximum, possibly less deductible, better coverage percentages and negotiated lower fees. This way the dental patient can get more dental procedures within the limit of their annual maximums, and also pay less copayment for every treatment if they choose an in-network dentist. Therefore, it is always beneficial to visit a GEHA PPO in-network dentist because of the discounted fee structure and other benefits you get each time you visit a PPO dentist. Whereas, choosing an out-of-network dentist will cost you more.  

For more details about GEHA PPO insurance coverage, please feel free to call Sunnyvale Dental Care us at (408) 720-0900. You can also email us to know more about your insurance coverage and maximums.

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