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Foods that are Safe to Consume Post an Oral Surgery

Foods that are Safe to Consume Post an Oral Surgery

Patients undergoing oral surgery shouldn’t indulge in saltwater taffy or peanut brittle while they are in the recovery stage. Irrespective of whether you visit our clinic for wisdom tooth removal or dental implants, your surgical site will be sore and in the healing phase for the first few days. As a result, it’s crucial to keep a balanced diet of soft foods in the days after your session and to avoid biting on the surgery areas.

What Can I Eat Following Dental Surgery?

Eating soft, wholesome foods will aid in a quick and safe recovery. Here is a list of a few foods that you can easily consume after dental surgery to help you prepare for your planned procedure.

Soups – Soup is a wholesome and nutritious option for dental surgery patients. Enjoy some chicken noodle soup, minestrone, or anything else that you really enjoy. If you recently had a tooth taken out, be careful not to slurp down your soups – as tempting that is; instead, slowly spoon-feed yourself small mouthfuls. This is similar to the precautions you would need to take for drinking smoothies.

Mashed Potatoes – This is really not the time to be worrying about the carbs. Good, handmade mashed potatoes are one of the simplest foods to eat while you’re recovering from oral surgery.

This comfort food classic is simple to make in large quantities and reheat when you’re hungry. We won’t criticise you if you add extra butter to the mixture or top it with gravy or sour cream.

Yogurt – Yogurts that have already been packaged are another wholesome, convenient alternative for Belmont patients. Before your big appointment, stock up on your favourite tastes at the grocery store. When you’re hungry during the recuperation period, simply take a container and dig in.

Smoothies – Smoothies are probably one of the healthiest soft food options you may choose from following your dental surgery at our clinic. Simply add your preferred fruit, juice, or water mixtures to your favorite blender along with some ice. Consider adding a protein supplement for an added kick.

Smoothies really are an excellent dietary option for people recovering from oral surgery since they’re simple to eat, nutritious, and packed with all the vitamins your body needs. However, if you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed or other teeth removed in order to prepare for dental implants, you should avoid sipping from a straw. After tooth extractions, sucking through a straw may result in a condition called “dry socket”, which is a painful healing issue. These develop when the membrane that covers the exposed jaw bone tissue in a tooth socket breaks. You’ll need to schedule extra follow-up appointments so our dentists can pack the tooth socket with a dressing to help your tooth socket heal properly since once this healing membrane is gone, it won’t grow back.

If your operation involved any type of teeth extraction, feed your smoothies with a spoon rather than a straw.

Applesauce – Last but definitely not the least, applesauce is a fantastic item to eat when your mouth is recuperating from a painful surgery site. Just be careful not to consume the pouches of applesauce, as doing so may result in dry sockets if you recently had a tooth out. Instead, purchase a packet of single portions or a big jar so you may eat what you want when you’re hungry.

If You Need Any Assistance With Meal Planning After Surgery, Get in touch with us. If you have any dietary requirements that restrict you from consuming the items mentioned above, our staff will be pleased to address your concerns and offer alternate soft food recommendations. Call us at 408-720-0900.

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