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First Dental Health Pre-Authorization

First Dental Health Pre-Authorization

Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Gupta offers a variety of general and specialized dental services. He has been practicing dentistry in the community for over twenty years. He and the staff of Sunnyvale Dental Care are committed to giving their patients quality dental care. Dr. Gupta treats many patients with First Dental Health PPO dental insurance. He is an in network preferred provider. Seeking dental care within the First Dental Health PPO network will result in lower patient copays for its members.

For many people understanding their dental insurance can be difficult. The Sunnyvale Dental Care insurance coordinator works with multiple insurance companies and is happy to contact First Dental Health PPO insurance in your behalf to request benefit information for your individual policy.

Although pre-authorizations or pretreatment estimates are not required for most dental procedures, some patients like to have this information prior to scheduling their next appointment, especially if extensive treatment is needed. After Sunnyvale Dentist Dr. Gupta does a complete dental examination and discusses with you his findings, we can provide you an estimate based on the First Dental Health PPO fee schedule and breakdown of benefits or we can submit a pre-authorization for the items on your treatment plan directly to First Dental Health PPO insurance.

Although submitting a pre-authorization may delay treatment, it provides a lot of helpful information. For example, it will state the amount of your remaining annual benefit maximum as well as your annual deductible and whether or not it has been paid. In addition, the pre-authorization form will show the amount of your patient copay and the amount that First Dental Health PPO insurance will pay on your behalf. If you don’t receive a copy of the pre-authorization from your insurance company, we can give you a copy of ours.

The expiration date for the estimate will be on the form and approved treatment must be completed while your dental insurance policy is active. Although the pre-authorization estimate is not a guarantee of coverage, it will give you a good idea of what your dental treatment cost will be.

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