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Tooth Knocked Out

Tooth Knocked Out

Knocked Out Tooth - Dental Emergency

It is our hope that you will never have to experience the misfortune of knocking out a tooth. We do however want our patients to be well informed and know what to do in the event of this true dental emergency. We have listed some common questions and answers regarding a knocked out tooth emergency. Occasionally the blow that caused the tooth to get knocked out might cause the neighboring teeth to be loose, lose a filling or lose a crown.  Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.  

How can a tooth get knocked out?

It takes a lot of force to avulse or knock out a tooth that is sitting tightly in the mouth surrounded by bone. Such force can be caused by a blow to the face while playing sports, an accidental fall, an automobile accident, engaging in combat, or by some other traumatic accident. 

What should I do if my tooth is knocked out?

It is important to seek dental care immediately if a tooth is knocked out.  Sunnyvale Emergency Dentist Dr. Gupta makes it a priority to see patients on short notice who experience this type of dental emergency. Use caution when handling the tooth and avoid touching its root. The tooth should be kept moist. You may be able to use saline, milk, or saliva to keep the tooth moist while in route to the Sunnyvale Dental Care Emergency clinic. 

How does a dentist fix a tooth that has been knocked out?

It may be possible for Sunnyvale Emergency Dentist Dr. Gupta to re-insert your tooth into the socket. This would depend on several factors including the condition of the tooth, and the condition of the surrounding bone and gum tissue. The length of time that the tooth has been out of its socket is also a consideration. If the tooth can be re-inserted, additional treatment such as root canal therapy and splinting may be necessary. These additional procedures can also be done at the Sunnyvale Dental Care Emergency center. 

What are the options for replacing a tooth that cannot be saved?

The Sunnyvale Dental Care Emergency practice offers several solutions to replace a tooth that has been knocked out and cannot be saved. The options available to you will depend on the condition of your teeth, gums, and bone. Diagnostic x-rays may be taken to assess these areas. Tooth replacement options include implants with implant supported crowns, partial dentures, full dentures, and dental bridges.

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