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Taking Care Of Your Dentures

Taking Care Of Your Dentures

Any new dental appliance to the mouth needs to be given the same care as you would give real teeth, and this is no different if you choose to have dentures. If dentures are properly taken care off then they will last much longer than if they were not. Essential actions to keep your dentures in good order include regular cleaning practices, as well as proper storage of your appliance. In order to help you keep your dentures in the best quality, below is more detailed information on the practice of maintaining good oral health when wearing dentures.

Cleaning your Dentures

The mouth is home to numerous types of bacteria and while many of these are essential for good health, some are potentially harmful and can cause oral health conditions and infections if allowed to multiply. It is therefore essential to keep both your mouth and your dentures as clean as possible. If harmful bacteria are allowed to reproduce and spread they may cause infection which will make it uncomfortable and painful to wear dentures.

Daily Cleaning

In order to ensure you enjoy good oral health, you need to keep good care of your dentures and clean them on a regular basis. A daily routine to clean your dentures should keep them nice and clean and help you to fight off harmful bacteria.

A good daily cleaning routine should involve a combination of cleaning, brushing, rinsing and soaking. The dentures should be cleaned using a special denture cleaning agent as normal toothpaste is too abrasive and may cause damage to the dentures. Brushing the dentures will help to remove traces of bacteria and food deposits, which could turn into plaque. Most dentists provide a specially designed brush to clean dentures, which enables you to clean them thoroughly. Once you have brushed the dentures, rinse them and then place them in a glass or bowl full of water and denture cleaning solution. Soaking the dentures eradicates all traces of bacteria and plaque from the dentures and makes them clean and fresh.

This routine of cleaning and caring effectively for your new dentures will become second nature to you before you know it.

It is important to remember that if you have any issues or difficulties getting used to your new dentures do not try to adjust them yourself as this could damage your dentures and possibly cause harm to your mouth. All denture adjustments should be done professionally by your dentist.

Removing dentures at night

Many people remove their dentures at night, but some people feel uncomfortable and embarrassed doing this. Leaving your dentures out is beneficial because it allows the natural cleaning process to occur and also enables the gums to rest and relax. If you really feel that you can’t take your dentures out over night, make sure you soak them and clean them thoroughly during the evening so that they are as clean as possible before you put them in for the night. You must clean your dentures in the morning to ensure you remove all the bacteria that may have gathered during the night.

Why is cleaning important?

It’s really important to look after your dentures because it will reduce the risk of you suffering from unpleasant oral health conditions including halitosis, gum disease and tooth decay. If you neglect this your dentures may become damaged and will not fit your gums properly. If the dentures become loose or damaged, this may cause damage to the surrounding gum tissue and it may affect your ability to eat and speak.

Visiting the dentist

It is important to visit your dentist on a regular basis as the shape of your mouth changes constantly and your dentures may start to become loose. Visiting your dentist frequently will enable them to check the fit of your dentures and will ensure the dentures function properly. Your dentist can also clean your dentures and your mouth thoroughly, professional cleaning treatments can remove traces of bacteria and plaque that may be missed during normal brushing.

Storing dentures at night

It is important to clean your dentures every day to prevent the build up of stains and maintain good oral hygiene. Most of the problems that dentures wearers encounter are due to not taking care of them properly. They should be cleaned with a soft bristled brush after removing them at night and again before you put them back in the next day. Avoid cleaning them with toothpaste because it is too abrasive and may damage the surface of the dentures. They should be soaked in cold water overnight and you can add cleaning tablets if you wish to help remove stains. Dentures shouldn’t be left to dry out for too long or put in hot water, as they may become warped. You must also remember to brush your tongue, gums and the roof of your mouth every day to keep your mouth healthy.

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