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Dentures and tissue conditioning

Dentures and tissue conditioning
New dentures fit better on healthy gums

Sometimes if your dentures are old and ill fitting, your mouth and gums below the dentures can become damaged and traumatized.

Denture stomatitis is one oral condition related to poorly fitting dentures. Your tissues may be swollen and inflamed, this will require treatment before new dentures are provided.

Making new dentures whilst your mouth is in this condition will not be as successful.

Treatment for damaged denture supporting tissues

At your complimentary denture evaluation your mouth will be examined to ascertain whether any pre-clinical treatment or tissue conditioning may be required.

This involves adding a soft lining material to the fitting surface of your existing dentures to facilitate healing and to allow you to continue to wear your dentures whilst the healing process takes place.

It may also be necessary to leave your dentures out for a period of time depending on the trauma your gums have suffered, once your mouth is healthy we can provide you with new dentures.

How long does denture tissue conditioning take?

The tissue conditioning process will usually take a couple of weeks or so, regular examinations will help to indicate when new denture provision can begin.

Therapeutic denture relines or tissue conditioning relining

A Free denture evaluation at Sunnyvale Dental Care will allow us to assess your requirements for a therapeutic reline. These relines are used where your existing dentures have become loose and have begun to damage the delicate structures of your mouth. They are often used prior to the provision of new dentures. We can carry out therapeutic relines whilst you are at the clinic, meaning you won't have to be without your dentures.

The temporary relining material used will need to be replaced after a few weeks with a permanent reline.
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