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Denture Repairs and False Teeth Repairs

Denture Repairs and False Teeth Repairs

It is difficult if not impossible to repair chipped or broken false teeth yourself. Your dentist will work with dental lab technicians who have the training and equipment to restore your denture to its original condition and are experts in denture and false teeth repairs.

Using acrylic resins and denture teeth to match your denture your denture will be repaired to look as it was before it broke.

A broken or cracked denture can be embarrassing and always happens at the most inconvenient times so we endeavor to repair dentures as fast as possible. Dental repairs can be carried out on nearly all types of false teeth.

Why false teeth break

Dentures and false teeth break and need repairing for several reasons; for example because they do not fit snuggly to the shape of your mouth, or your bite may be harder than usual and the denture design or type is weaker than required allowing the denture to fracture easily. Opposing natural teeth that bite into a plastic denture often cause dentures to break.

Patients that only wear one half of a set of false teeth may find that the denture breaks regularly due to the uneven biting pressure applied to it. If your denture is continually breaking call us to arrange a Free denture consultation.

What types of dentures can be repaired?

Most dentures can be repaired, but please do not attempt to glue your denture as this will make the job of repairing your denture much harder and more expensive. If your denture has metal clips or clasps that have broken off, we can usually repair these also, but you may require a mould taking of your mouth to do so. Your denture is repaired by replacing the broken acrylic section with new acrylic resin, this is a skilled process and requires special equipment. Please try to bring all the broken parts of your denture with you to our office.

Can Valplast flexible dentures be repaired?

Yes usually, valplast dentures are often described as 'unbreakable', although the most likely area of failure on a Valplast denture is at the tooth-Valpalst interface. Again special injection equipment is required to repair or add new teeth to Valplast dentures. Can metal dentures, Chrome dentures or light alloy dentures be repaired? These dentures are harder to repair and may require welding or soldering. A definitive answer as to whether they can be repaired will depend on exactly which part of the metal has broken. If you bring your metal denture to our office we will be able to advise accordingly. If the metal denture is repairable the cost may be slightly higher than for a conventional acrylic denture repair.

Reinforcing and strengthening broken dental plates

It is also possible to re-enforce broken dentures with carbon fiber strips or stainless steel wire. It may be wiser to invest in a light alloy denture, these dentures are less likely to fracture and stronger than a reinforced plastic denture. We can also reinforce our new dentures when they are being manufactured in our laboratory.

Can teeth be added to broken Dentures?

When teeth are added to an existing denture this is referred to as a denture addition. Additions to Metal dentures are more difficult and should not be considered a long term solution. Additions to plastic dentures are easier to carry out but again should be considered a temporary solution. False teeth that are fitted after the extraction of one or multiple teeth are more likely to break as your mouth heals, this is because a section or sections of the denture will not fit closely to your mouth, causing the denture to flex and eventually fracture at its weakest point. If you would like teeth added to your present denture, or wish to replace worn out teeth to your denture again this is a service we can help you with.

It may also be necessary to consider new dentures.

Denture repair kits

Attempting to repair dentures yourself with DIY denture repair kits will usually damage your denture beyond professional repair.

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