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Denture Check-up

Denture Check-up

Introduction If you have dentures it is important for you to visit your dentist on a regular basis. A denture check-up appointment is very different to a normal, routine check-up appointment and provides a range of additional benefits.

What happens at a denture check-up? The main aim of the denture check-up appointment is to ensure the dentures fit well and are functioning effectively. If the dentures do not fit properly, they may cause the gums to become inflamed and irritated, which can cause pain and discomfort. Poorly fitting dentures can also cause the dentures to feel loose and wobbly, which can affect speech and the patient’s ability to eat properly.

At the denture check-up, the dentist will examine the dentures thoroughly and check their state of repair as well as the fit. If the dentures have started to change shape or lose their shape, the dentist may recommend modifying the dentures. If the dentures are very worn or your mouth has changed shape significantly then they may suggest getting a new set of dentures.

If your dentist recommends a new set of dentures, they may take images of your mouth and create an impression of your teeth and gums. This can then be sent away to the dental laboratory and a new set of dentures can be custom made to fit your mouth.

General oral health If your dentures are functioning well and you have no trouble with them, the dentist will check your general oral health, by conducting a thorough oral examination and note down any changes or problems in your dental record. The dentist will also check the health of your gums and tongue during the examination and they may ask you to bite down so that they can check the relationship between your upper and lower sets of teeth. An oral cancer screening will also be part of your exam, your dentist will also check your neck and oral tissues for lumps, red or white patches or recurring sore areas. Screening for early changes in oral health are crucial in detecting oral cancer at an early stage.

Your dentist will ask if you have had any pain or discomfort since your last appointment and they will investigate any issues you raise.

If you wear partial dentures, the dentist will check for signs of decay on the remaining teeth. Your dentist will also give the teeth a thorough clean, to remove traces of plaque and tartar and make sure the mouth is as healthy and clean as possible. Dentist cleaning is much more intensive than daily at home hygiene and will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. The dentist will also clean your dentures thoroughly.

After the examination is complete your dentist may ask if you have any questions or concerns. If you have questions about oral hygiene products, brushing techniques or caring for your dentures, for example, your dentist can offer advice and recommend good products.

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