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Cosmetic Makeover Dentures

Cosmetic Makeover Dentures
Cosmetic and Functional Choices in Denture Prosthetics

Dr. Bhawna Gupta offers an extensive choice of dental prostheses for our patients. Standard dentures and partials are available for those patients who most appreciate function and value.

Dentures can provide an ideal treatment solution for the replacement of multiple teeth that effectively restores dental function that is needed for normal eating and for restoring a patient's "bite."

Some denture patients however, have a discriminating eye on the cosmetic or aesthetic look and feel of dentures. The reasons for the keen focus on these qualities of denture prosthetics (outweighs or equals importance of function and value) are usually related to specific interests and needs of the patient.

Some of the more common factors that patients have for focusing on denture cosmetics include: patient age, occupational factors, social factors, special occlusal issues, genetic factors and general lifestyle considerations, to name a few.

The Denture Look

One of the most common complaints (amongst several) about dentures is that they look, feel and function like dentures.

The typical treatment experience new denture patients have consists of getting several extractions, creating some impressions for the new denture(s) and then going through a series of adjustments to the denture as the gum tissues heal and reduce swelling.

Over a period of a few weeks to a few months, the new dentures will be lined and relined to accommodate the loss of gum tissue.

Depending upon the quality of the measurement and fabrication properties of the new denture and individual characteristics of a patient's jaw structures, bone health and gum tissue health, the new prosthetic teeth may fit and function well or they may fit and function miserably. It is not uncommon for new denture wearers to be told they will have loose dentures at the start and will be required to use ample amounts of adhesive to make their new teeth "work".

Dentures fabricated in specialized clinics and dental practices that promote value over function tend to have the greatest number of disgruntled denture wearers. High production fabrication facilities create new teeth based on a single impression. Common errors or anticipated adjustments are "handled" by denture relines which can become a frustrating experience for many patients Many people who wear dentures don't want the denture look.

Cosmetic Dentures

These cosmetic dentures (not implant retained or anchored) are created with attention to detail that denture clinics or high production denture dentists can't provide. In the majority of cases they fit snugly, don't become loose, don't affect speech and enable eating of most favorite foods.

Every imaginable detail is covered. Fit, function, comfort and amazingly good looks. Differences in texture, whiteness shading, opalescence, size, rotation, incisal edges, cosmetic gaps, maybe even a gold crown are used (according to patient interests) to eliminate the appearance of mass produced denture teeth. The final denture result is practically indistinguishable from normal teeth. The final cosmetic customization creates an appearance that is nearly identical to normal teeth provided by Mother Nature.

The cosmetic options available for denture patients are almost infinite. Dr. Bhawna Gupta has the skills and proven artistic talent to incorporate aesthetic flair that is not even possible with traditional dentures. Dr Bhawna Gupta has access to technologies and products that enable our patients to have practically any degree of cosmetic impact they desire.

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