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Free Initial Consultation

Free Initial Consultation

Dental Promotions – Free Initial

Consultation & Free Initial Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

What better way to get to know your dentist? Do you have a concern about a specific tooth or condition? Are you looking for a second opinion? Or just visiting the dentist for the first time, free initial consultation dental offer by Sunnyvale Dental Care is the perfect way to address your concern and to meet Dr. Bhawna Gupta and his staff. The average fee for an initial dental consultation including x-rays for a specific oral problem like a toothache, broken teeth, lost filling or crown is between $50 and $120, which is waived because of this free offer.

Benefits of the Initial Consultation

The main benefit is to address your area of a toothache or concern. The initial consultation is an ideal way to treat your specific dental problem and get a professional opinion. It is a great way to gauge the severity of the problem, know your treatment options and get an idea of the cost of the treatment involved.
This free promotional consultation may also help us identify any minor dental problem that, if left untreated, can become a major dental issue. Sunnyvale dentist, Dr Bhawna Gupta may catch the problem at an early stage as he will look carefully for signs and symptoms of a potential dental problem.
Free initial consultation can be a good option when looking for a second opinion because it helps patients understand their dental problems and discuss possible treatment options from a different and fresh perspective. Sometimes, Dr. Bhawna Gupta himself refers some of his regular patients for a second opinion for their satisfaction and understanding.
This complimentary consultation is also a unique opportunity for getting to know Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Bhawna Gupta and his staff before committing to an extensive treatment.

What to expect at your appointment?

  • Review the medical and dental History & Records: We will start by learning more about your medical & dental history, past dental treatments, allergies and current medications. Feel free to bring up any concerns you might have. You can share any vital information that you think will help us in the examination
  • Examination of your dental problem: This time will be spent to evaluate your dental problem or concern like a toothache lost filling, or broken tooth. We may take x-rays or digital photographs for the record and to understand better about your immediate issue.
  • Review our findings with you & discuss the next steps: We will share what we found out in the examination of your specific problem with you. Following that, we will share the next steps required to restore your dental health and how to proceed with it. Alternatives, benefits, and risks of the required procedure will be discussed in detail. We will try our best to address your concerns about your treatment procedure.
  • Discuss the finances: We will provide guidance about your finance options according to your insurance coverage or other means. For your further treatments procedures, we will present a treatment plan explaining your total cost, insurance coverage and copayments. If you don’t have any insurance, we suggest other ways how you can manage your finances like third-party financing options with the lending club or our in-house membership plan for cash patients.

If you have an emergency treatment it will be done on this visit otherwise a regular treatment visit will be scheduled. Typically, the appointment will take about thirty to forty-five minutes, which is a sufficient time to address your concerns.


The goal of this special offer is to provide you an expert opinion about your specific dental problem so that you can make a decision about your treatment and get answers to the doubts you might have. Please note that this special offer doesn’t cover a comprehensive dental check-up, radiographs of all of the teeth and the adjacent structure or dental cleaning. We will focus on a particular dental problem for which you are seeking this complimentary consultation.
If you have any more questions regarding this Sunnyvale Dental Care dental promotion, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss or download this dental offer to make your appointment for a Free Initial Consultation.

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Learn more when you visit Sunnyvale Dental Care. Call Sunnyvale Dentist Dr.Bhawna Gupta at 408-720-0900 to schedule a consultation today!

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