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Joyce Wahba on Google
I have been going to Sunnyvale Dental Care for the past 15 years and I couldn't imagine having another dentist. Dr. Antonious is the best of the best and is very meticulous with his work. He is always on time and efficient. The staff are all super friendly - particularly Julia who is very organized and kind. The office as a whole is very clean and welcoming. I can't give a stronger recommendation.

David G on Google
I came in with an emergency broken tooth and the dentist stopped his work to help me and fit me into his packed schedule. Words cannot describe the amount of joy and gratitude I have for Dr.Nasser the fact that ill be able to smile again, eat, drink function once again. This dentist office offers reliable and professional work, they take well care of thier clients and are very reasonable to discuss the problem you may have.

Alfred Yeung on Google
Dr. A and his staff are the best in the business. I've gone to many dentists, and only Dr. A has been able make my teeth healthy. He is up to date on all of the latest techniques, is very detailed and most importantly, uses only the highest quality products - even if he loses money on the transaction. My parents, who has to pay out of pocket, are happy with him. My young children are happy with him, always looking forward to see the dentist. Every one I've ever recommended is happy with him. There are multiple rooms in his office, the reason is he constantly spends money back to the business to renovate to the latest, fanciest equipment.

John Anthony on Google
Dr. Antonius is the best dentist I have ever had. I had a large lapse in dental insurance, and as such needed a lot of work with an emergency dental visit being my first contact with his office. He quickly had me scheduled to fix the broken tooth, and built out a very detailed prescription of work to fix the other neglected teeth. What made Dr. Antonious different is that he brought me into building out the prescription making sure that I had an educated and active role in the work that needed to be done.


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