Cupertino Dental Emergency- Toothache

Most of us will have at least one toothache during our lifetime. It is a common occurrence with many possible causes. A toothache can range from mildly annoying to severe. Sometimes it is triggered by a stimulus, and at other times there seems to be no explanation. If the pain is severe, it is a dental emergency. A toothache dental emergency that arises during night or weekend hours can be especially frustrating and hard to deal with. Dr. Antonious is available to help Cupertino residents deal with any type of dental emergency and receive relief form toothache pain.

Tooth decay is the culprit behind many toothaches. When a cavity forms, it can easily eat away at a tooth. If left untreated, the tooth may eventually become infected and require a root canal or extraction. Cupertino residents who have regular professional dental cleanings, x-rays and examinations may have cavities detected and diagnosed early before pain occurs and a dental emergency visit is needed.

Trauma is another leading cause of toothaches. Young children at play and those who frequently participate in contact sports may experience trauma related toothaches. Trauma related dental emergencies may include tooth fractures, a tooth that has been knocked out, a tooth that has been dislocated, or a tooth that has nerve damage. It is important to protect both baby teeth and permanent adult teeth. Mouth guards may be worn to protect teeth while playing contact sports.

An infected tooth may be the result of a large cavity. If a gum infection is present, periodontal disease may be the cause. Deep cleanings and in some instances gum surgery may be needed to treat this condition. A dental infection may be characterized by swelling, pus, and pain. In some instances, an infection may be present with no symptoms. The treatment of a dental infection should not be postponed. An appointment should be scheduled right away with a dentist near the city of Cupertino.

A dry socket may result following a difficult surgical extraction if post-operative instructions aren’t followed closely. These instructions are frequently given both orally and on paper so the patient can refer to the written instructions if questions arise in the days following the extraction. One post-operative instruction is to avoid smoking to allow proper healing. The heat and chemicals in smoke can interfere with and delay the healing process.

Care is needed so the blood clot that protects the bone is not disturbed. Exposed bone may be extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations, fluids, food, and air. Patients on certain medications may experience bleeding complications that lead to a dry socket. It is important to notify your dentist of all medications being taken.

A normal, healthy upper back tooth may also feel uncomfortable due to sinus congestion and pressure. Treating the sinus problem may cause the discomfort to subside.

Cupertino residents being treated for a toothache dental emergency can expect a thorough examination accompanied by a dental x-ray. The x-ray is necessary so that areas not visible in the mouth can be observed. These include the nerve chamber within the tooth and the bone surrounding the tooth. After the examination you will be presented with all treatment options.